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Save Money On Phone Calls Using VoIP

Updated on April 2, 2013
How VoIP can save you money
How VoIP can save you money | Source

Using the Internet to Transfer Voice

Unlike the regular telephone system, voice is treated as just another datastream by a VoIP application using the underlying Internet connectivity. From this perspective, just like you can send and receive e-mail for free, making a VoIP call to another person doesn't have to cost much at all. In fact, it can be cheaper because e-mail is not a real-time protocol. There can be a huge delay between the sending and receiving of a message that also needs to be stored even after it has been read. This necessitates the need for a central server and that costs money. VoIP on the other hand delivers an ephemeral service that is not stored and is consumed as soon as it is produced. So it can be a direct P2P service without the intervention of any central server apart from actually setting the call up in the first place.

In fact, this is how most VoIP providers work. Calls between users using the same VoIP service are free. You're only charged for connections to the outside world using the regular PSTN phone system or another VoIP provider. This means that all communications between employees of your organization can be done for free regardless of where they are in the country. That is a huge benefit for a company that has offices in several geographic locations all over the world. You can literally save thousands and thousands of dollars on call costs.

But even if you're not making calls to other VoIP uses, you can still save money because your VoIP application transfers data over the Internet for as long as possible. For long-distance calls, this technique truly shines and can save you 80% of international call costs. It's hardly a surprise that a huge number of people are shifting to VoIP in order to benefit from the savings.

Businesses in particular can no longer afford to ignore a technology that provides such dramatic improvements in both functionality and price. These days organizations have to collaborate with global partners and spend long periods of time over the phone via conference calls. The economics of moving to VoIP will quickly make sense to anyone who is even cursorily aware of the numbers involved.

It's easy to obtain hosted VoIP service in Boston. There are many providers who will go out of their way to help you and will provide you with world-class customer service. You no longer have to create your own small business PBX systems with your own capital and infrastructure. Let the professionals handle that and you can go back to focusing on your core business activities.


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