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Save Money on Your Printer Ink

Updated on March 26, 2013

Ink Cost $$$

As everybody knows printer ink can be very costly especially the genuine models. You can easily spend upwards of $85+ and lets be honest.... it seems that the cartridge volume is getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller.......

Printer Models

For years I was a HUGE fan of HP printers. They just worked... No real issues... very solid. Then about 2 years ago I purchased a Canon MX870 and was simply blown away by this model. It had all the features of a commercial grade multi-purpose unit (copy, scan, fax, print, etc) at a consumer price. I could scan to/from any computer on the network both MAC and PC without any issues - WIRELESS. The print quality was great (although a little slow). The biggest advantage was the separate color ink cartridges.

Unlike most printers the MX870 has a 5 cartridges system...

  • Black

  • Black (photo)

  • Cyan

  • Magenta

  • Yellow

With a little effort you can find replacement cartridges online for as low as $4 a piece or the complete set for even a better discount rate. These cartridges are fairly small but because they are broken down into separate colors they can be utilized very efficiently. For example...if you are printing a project that's requires a lot of yellow you can purchase a few extra yellow cartridges instead of having to purchase a single "color" cartridge that can be extremely costly.

Staples Recycling Program

Now here's where is gets good...

Staples has a ink recycling program that allows you to recycle your empty cartridges. They give you $2 store credit per cartridge (up to 10 cartridges per month). So in my case, I pay $3.95 (online) per cartridge then get back $2 (store credit) from Staples........... so I'm paying less than $2 per cartridge. Its crazy!!

For information about Staples Ink Recycling Program click: HERE

Here is a copy of my Staples Recycling Account:

Final Thoughts...

if you are going to purchase a new printer and want to take advantage of the savings like myself BE SURE to purchase a multi-colored cartridge system like the Canon MX870. I hope you found this article insightful. If you have any questions feel free to use the COMMENTS section below.

Thank you!!


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