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Save money on your energy bill

Updated on May 30, 2012
Comprehensive Energy Solutions LLC
Comprehensive Energy Solutions LLC

How to save money on your power bills

Have you ever considered that you are probably spending 25 to 40% more on your power bill than you need too? Think about that for a moment, take a average power bill of, say, $200.00.

Do the math, 25% of $200.00 = $50.00 a month, or $600.00 a year and if you plan on being in your home over a period years it continues to grow. Image, saving $18000.00 or more over the life of a 30 year loan, just on your power bill.

There are ways to accomplish this without going broke to do it. First lets look at some obvious areas of concern. Windows and Doors, are they of good quality? Do they leak? Double pane window and doors are common place in newer home since about 1995 in most areas. But, is the interior casing caulked properly. Move your hand around the entire opening, trace lightly around the trim, especially the top and bottoms, if you feel air, re caulk and seal.

Next, Do you have any furniture over in exhaust or return air ducts. Furniture over these ducts can decrease the efficiency of heating and cooling system tremendously

Now, this one other thing to consider. Radian Heat Transfer.  Did you know that they are new companies that can reduce that radiant transfer by 97%. Think about this for a second, how hot does your attic get? In the summer time in the south temperatures can reach an access of 140 degree Fahrenheit. If you have duct work in your attic or equipment as well, think of how much harder it has to work. What if your attic temp was reduced to about 80 degrees? How much more easier would it be on your equipment and duct work.

You say, "but my attic has plenty of insulation". Guess what? Insulation has what is called a saturation point. In other words, once insulation reaches the same temperature through out it's mass, it no longer become very effective. Conductivity begins to occur, and radiant heat is transferred threw the material to other surfaces, usually to your ceiling drywall, which also reaches a saturation point. Radiant barriers reduce this by eliminating almost all of the radiant heat.

What about in the winter time? Same thing. Except in reverse. Heat rises in the winter inside your home. Once the insulation reaches a saturation point, the heat continues to rise, there fore your heat turns on to maintain the desired temperature in the area.

If you be interested in finding out more on this new product, you can go to Comprehensive energy solutions llc. com and they can give you a more in depth look at this amazing product.

This is really worth the look, this is the best product for reducing energy bills I've seen. I have been in the residential remodeling business for over 20 years and would recommend this to anyone.

email me if you more info

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