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Delicious addon to save your bookmarks in firefox toolbar

Updated on November 9, 2011

Most of us internet users gone through case of losing our important bookmarks either during 'Mozilla Firefox' (Browser) crash or RE-installation, So, I'll introduce you here with an Firefox addon which nearly works in the same way as like Firefox built-in bookmarking service i.e. Delicious bookmarking addon for Firefox.

Once Upon a time in history, I was busy in twitter on it's new interface (design) and received a tweet from one official account of Firefox that "delicious bookmarking service is now directly available via Firefox, Try it out". I was looking for this from past few days and amazingly Firefox tweeted about this themselves, I didn't thought a second and installed that add-on in Mozilla and as I already have a Yahoo Account, I didn't need to create another one for Delicious and started pasting all my Firefox bookmarks on Delicious for not losing them in future.

Benefits of Bookmarking

  • You can Save links of your favorite webpages or websites,
  • If you ever bored with internet, You can go to any one page in your bookmark list to entertain yourself,
  • You can save all webpages which are useful or helpful in your studies, work orĀ  any task,
  • IF you ever in hurry and found something useful to read, you can save them as bookmark to visit in free time,
  • You can save bookmarks of sites, which you often visit regularly and hate to type their full url,
  • You can save links of websites suggested by your friends but doesn't want to visit, to show your friends that you appreciate their choices and their work,
  • if you're a designer, you can save websites or blogs that have unique, interesting and awesome designs for fetching inspiration and ideas from it (I mainly do this).

Save your bookmarks in original Firefox bookmarks toolbar like this:

  1. Click on tab of webpage which is currently opened,
  2. Drag it to firefox bookmarks toolbar,
  3. a cursor type small vertical link will appearĀ  in toolbar,
  4. Drop it there and your bookmark is now saved.

Benefits of having a Delicious Bookmarking addon on Frefox

  • Your Bookmarks will remain forever till you remove yourself or site ends up to offer it's services after 200 years later,
  • Your bookmarks will be shown just like that in Bookmark toolbar in Firefox and to view toolbar,
  1. Go to menu bar at top,
  2. Click 'View',
  3. Click 'Toolbars',
  4. Then click any toolbar that you want to view in main Firefox window,
  • You can easily add new bookmarks by clicking on single button without opening another webpage or without reloading the same.
  • You can use this service with your old yahoo account without creating a new one on delicious,
  • You can save your bookmarks in a private (protected) mode also, which are only visible to you,
  • You can add related tags in each bookmark to find them easily in future (If you have a long list of bookmarks).

Add Bookmark in Builtin Firefox Bookmark Toolbar

To add bookmark in Firefox built-in bookmarking toolbar, follow my steps below:

  1. Click on currently opened tab in Firefox window,
  2. Drag it while keeping the 'left button' of mouse in clicked state,
  3. Move the Item to Firefox Bookmark Toolbar (It is shown in one of the image above in this article),
  4. A cursor type vertical link will appear, drop it there and your new bookmark has been added to your bookmark list,
  5. See the image below for little help.


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