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Saving Energy/Decreasing Your Light Bill

Updated on August 22, 2010

 Saving energy in your home is very important and even necessary given the utility rates, economy, cost of living, etc. I have come across some tips that I think will help with this process. The first thing that I'd like to talk about is how you light your home. During the day time open your blinds, draw your curtains back and let the sunlight in, keeping your whole house bright for over half of the day with no light usage unless necessary. Turn your lights on only at night or dusk when light decreases. There is a light bulb that I use now that has cut my light bill tremendously. I use the compact flourescent energy saving bulb. It has 10,000 hours bulb life compared to a standard light bulb which has about 1000 hours bulb life. You can keep a compact florescent energy saving bulb in place for over a year.  Also you're using 12 -14 watts to light up a room compared to 60-75 watts to light up a room. Thats a lot of use and wattage saved in a years' time compared to a standard bulb which has to be changed often, sometimes within the same month. I have an energy saving bulb in every room in my house, including the bathroom! Another tip on saving energy which is very simple and I'm sure we've all been yelled at about this at one time or another in our life is "Unplug that radio or, TV if you're not watching it!" Our parents, spouses, etc were right. If you are not in a room turn the light off. If you go to another part of the house and you have a radio or tv playing in the room that you are leaving turn it off and unplug it! Did you know that even when you turn an electrical appliance off but don't unplug it, it is still connected to the source of electricity meaning, you are still being charged for usage at that very moment. The last thing that I want to mention that a lot of people are considering or already doing is the use of sensory lights. Sensory lights light up only as you move. So if you are walking through your hallway at night, they will light up as you move along but if you were to look behind you it would be dark. If you are in a room, only that room will have lights and so on. This is good for people who have children because how many times do they run in and out of their rooms and forget to turn off the light, especially at night.  Bathroom breaks during bedtime is another reason for choosing this option. Sensory lights would stop this whole problem because the lights would turn off as soon as they left their rooms or the bathroom. Sensory lights might not work well if you have small children for obvious reasons including being afraid of the dark. They are a little more expensive but worth the change if its something that you would like to try. There are many more tips and advice on saving energy but these are just a few that I know work. Hopefully this helps someone. Let me know what you think and please comment!


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