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Saving Time When Hiring A Skip Bin

Updated on October 30, 2012

Chasing Quotes

This topic has come to mind as I feel that people should look at the big picture when chasing quotes and always consider the value of their own time when obtaining quotes. A perfect example is chasing quotes for a skip bin hire.

The first thing most people would do is to contact a few skip bin hire companies. However a few people really like to go over-board. As with most highly competitive industries, Skip Bin Hire operators try to compete on prices and the price difference per cubic meter for similar type of waste will be within $10 - $30 from one operator to another.

Keeping in mind that you are trying to save $30 on a 3 cubic meter skip bin, please estimate how long are you prepared to spend on obtaining a quotation.

As most Skip Bin Hire companies now have websites, it is now easier than ever to obtain instant quotes online, without even lifting your phone handset. As the world is rapidly changing to a on-line shopping community, more and more people feel comfortable obtaining quotes online and then proceeding to make a secure payment online.

This reminds me of my own experience when every year I am trying to organise the "perfect" birthday party for one of my children and spend countless amount of time ringing around to various party suppliers, entertainers, mobile farms, you name it, all with the aim to get a better quote. Last year I think I have finally learned my lesson when I actually took a day off work to ring around and find the best price for the jumping castle. At the end of the day, when I was totally exhausted and frustrated, I have finally ordered a jumping castle, however I have then looked back and realised that I've wasted an entire day of earnings in order to save $50 off the jumping castle. I would be better off just going to work and taking the most expensive jumping castle and I would be better off financially :-)

The moral of the story is: next time when you are shopping for a Skip Bin quote - please decide in advance how much time you are prepared to invest into quotation research and how much you are trying to save by contacting different suppliers. Then compare this to your hourly rate and you will see whether it is worthwhile chasing the cheapest skip bin or whether it's enough to obtain 2 or 3 quotations and get on with your work.

Until next time - please respect your time and be reasonable when chasing quotes :-)


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