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Saving devices for your computer

Updated on October 20, 2012

Technology has really come a long ways, especially when it comes to computers and the many ways to save the work that we do. The computer was created a long time ago and since then they have found ways to make it more advanced year by year. But have you ever thought of the many ways that we e to save our work and what the first device used was to save the work we did so we wouldn't lose it. As I was thinking about this, it seemed to me that we have really advanced in the way that we save our work.

Well, when I first got a computer, I knew about the floppy disk and that is what I grew up with at first especially when it came it saving my work. At that time we didn't have to save so much work so it seemed okay to use them. Who can remember those floppy disks? They were convenient at the time, they were on the top line back then. Who can say that the one problem they had was with them was how they would just get stuck inside the floppy disk drive, and you would pull them out to find that the silver piece came out and if you weren't careful your work was erased. Those trustworthy floppy disks, didn't you just love them at that time.

Next came the zip disks, they were similar to the floppy disks however they had much more storage space because we needed to save more work since more and more computers were being discovered. But just like floppies they just started to get out of style and they decided to come up with CD-R's, unless I am missing another device before CD-R's or CD-RW's. The CD's seemed to save a lot more than the other devices but the problem with the CD'R's were that once you saved on those CD's you couldn't revise them, you had to always save on another CD.

Now we come to the USB drives, thanks goodness they came out with them. These are one of the most reliable saving devices so far. They come in different storage sizes and even different shapes and size. These USB drives are so handy to have around because they are small to where you can take them with you anywhere or even put them on your key chains so you won't lose them so easily. How many of these drives do you think you may have? Some many people have a few of them because of all the work that they have to save.

What I have found to be very interesting is that with the new Microsoft Office software you are able to change a CD-RW into USB drive mode and you are able to use it as a USB. Now that was pretty interesting, especially since I found out about it trying to help a patron out at the library when they wanted to save their work. Isn't it amazing how far advanced technology has gotten. Just to think that we started with a device with so little storage space and now we have a big storage space to save on.

Would you say that technology has really expanded more than you think? Can you remember the first storage device that you ever used when you saved your very first project or assignment from the computer?


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    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 5 years ago from El Paso

      There is nothing like those good memories.

    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Oh yes, I remember the floppy disk! That was how I first saved an assignment. I remember it seemed so high-tech back then. You bring back memories, good hub here.