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Saying No To 'How To Hack Facebook Privacy'

Updated on November 1, 2011

With the evolution of the social networking sites, we have started to live a second life inside internet, most of us with our true identity, while some with a different identity. While there are many such popular networks, let’s focus on the most sought after of them, the facebook. However the facts would hold true for other similar sites, like Google +.

A shocking revelation

Just Google it and see how many ‘promising’ matches you get. Type ‘How to hack facebook’ and click search, go ahead and do it. Perhaps it won’t be a much of a surprise to you, if you’ve already done that before. I think most of you have, may be actually meaning to hack it, or just to see the results. Whatever it is, it’s like searching for “how to rob my neighbor’s house?”

How many of you think about robbing your neighbor’s house, just for the fun of doing something wrong, something against the heart?

0.0001 percent at the most? May be. (Because there are disordered ones every where)

But when it comes to social networking sites, how many of you crave to spy on your friend’s activities?

Needles to say, 1 out of 3 people at the least, are desperate to find a way. That is why you come across so many promising solutions, in a split second, in a single Google search.


I was curious to know why many people want so much badly to hack their friend’s, relatives’, facebook accounts, to steal information, to spy on them. I was curious because I never thought there would be people who want to peep through neighbor’s window and keep watching their activities. It seems to me like some kind of mental disorder.

But here, at internet, as it seems, many of them want to do that!

I went through the comment sections, in the so called ‘Hack facebook’ sites, and the majority of the comments are about mistrust between partners, girl friends suspecting boy friends and vice versa. Some people have even gone as far as to publish their email addresses, and the facebook ids of the person they want to hack, and the story behind their motivation…a big stuff.

May be just fiction, to see if it works, whatever it is how can people be so mean to fellow humans? What right do they think they have to control someone else’s wishes, likes? While I do not realize, I think this may be some kind of personality disorder, or something like that.

Relationships mean trust.

If the partners suspect about each other, how long would that relationship go before it ends up. Can you love someone if you don’t trust him or her? Relationships are all about the trust. When you have lost your faith, they will break, very easily. Social networking sites are here to strengthen existing friendships and to make new ones. They are not here to demolish and bring down friendships. They connect people who we like, love, care about, and let’s us share our things. That is the basic theme behind these sites.

I just imagined what my friend can do if he hacked my facebook account.

Here is my list

  • He can read my messages. inbox and my replies( He would like that, and I won’t)
  • He can chat with my other friends, pretending to be myself (Surely I won’t like that too.)
  • He can post status updates, comment, pretending to be myself ( I think I won’t like that either)
  • He can play flash games( I don’t protest)

You can add a lot of stuff to the above list, but I tried to be simple. So what’s our primary purpose of hacking facebook? I think most of the guys who are desperate to find about their girl friend, or ex girlfriend would prefer first three options in my list.

Did I like it when it happens to me? No. I would hate that idea. So would others like it if I try to access theirs with out permission? I think I know the answer. Sure I do. Question is, do many disordered guys out there waiting desperately know the answer? I think they don’t.

Respect others rights. They have a right to their privacy as much as you do.

Any positive results at all?

No. You get nothing positive if you try to, or actually hack by any mean, in to your friend’s account. The only thing you will gain is some split second’s satisfaction in exchange of your friendship.

Remember: Even if your friendship could continue, thereafter it won’t be the same; it won’t have the same spirit of happiness and life it used to have.

Humans can’t read minds for a reason.

Ever wondered why? We can love, smile, feel others’ emotions, help them, assure them, but we can’t know how they really feel, what they really think no matter how much closer they are to our heart. Is it some kind of mistake during the evolution? I don’t think so. There must have been a very unique reason! So why should we try to break it? It would be a huge mess, if we could listen to others thoughts, I can’t imagine it. So why should we try to do something similar here on facebook?

Curiosity should have limits, at least with regard to society!

Something about these helping hand websites

Did you ever have the feeling, why any one strange would so kindly offer his help to steal your friend’s information for you? I think you have lived enough in this world to know the answer for that question.

Be warned

  • Your very own facebook account will get hacked instead of your friend’s, through these ‘Best Offer ever’ software
  • Your PC would be attacked by numerous malware, viruses and Trojans. Most of these tools prompt you to turn off your firewall, and virus guard during installation so you are exposed. And it would cost you a big deal of money to fix things back to normal.
  • You are doing something illegal
  • Buying the software will cost you money, and its just a lose, no profit at all
  • You will waste your time in vain

Good friends are not easier to find. Same goes with your partners. Of course we all do mistakes; the best thing is to discuss them with each other, not spying on them inside a website. Respect their privacy, protect their rights. Do not get caught in numerous advertising campaigns prompting you to do something illegal.


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    • rochelj profile image

      rochelj 6 years ago from USA

      it is sad that there are so many people out there looking to hack people's accounts!