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Schylling Toys- The Schylling SkitterBot

Updated on March 17, 2011

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The Fastest Legged Robot in Town

Okay, so what the Skitterbot? You may ask.

Well firstly I should say that they make an ideal desk toy for an excecutive or a kid (old or young), who's interested in techy stuff.

Well these are pesky little bugs that are enthralling as much as disturbing. Who would want a bug infestation in your home but then these are like no normal bug. The Shylling Skitterbot is a small robotic creature not dissimilar to a cockroach or a spider (don’t panic, as they are robots there is no fear), that can move around: forwards, backwards, left and right.

The Skitterbot has spatial awareness so you can have fun enjoying them negotiate the floor and obstacles. Put them on the dining table and watch them not fall off. Perhaps you’d think it more fun that they did plummet over the edge, lemming style but the fact that a tiny human made, simple device can be aware of it’s surroundings is great.

These are going to make great stocking fillers for the kids this Christmas so make sure you don’t leave it too late and have the Skitterbot all sold out with the demand. Possibly even more fiting will be for Halloween treats for the kids, what’s more in keeping with All Hallow’s Eve than some crazy bugs to scare the adults with.

Buy your Skitterbot for the Kids

Sychilling have advertised these creatures as the ‘fastest legged robotic commercially available’ and they really are. The Skitterbot can move at an amazing one foot per second. The Shylling Skitterbot is available in four different colors: red, blue, green and crystal clear. Each different color has its own unique frequency so that they can be controlled and raced against each other. You can race them, pit them to battle against one another or simply let them explore their environment.

The Skitterbot is powered by a USB which means there is no need for batteries, just plug them into a USB port and give them 30 minutes to recharge. They are controlled with a 5 button USB remote control.

The Deskpets Skitterbot robot will keep kids and adults amused for hours with their small size, nippiness and their flashing heartbeat eyes.

The GoBot Cutie

If you want to mix up the mayhem then add to the mix a Schylling GoBot. These hoppy little creatures jump up and down like a Mexican jumping bean.

The GoBot is powered in their jump by a little fan underneath that gives them lift.

Just wait for the little red light to appear on the controller and then turn the GoBot off from its charge on the USB port, now your GoBot will be fully charged and ready for action. Charge your GoBot for 30 minutes which will allow for 15 minutes playful flight.

Aim the controller at your Schylling GoBot and watch the bug flit about and leap from the desk. If you choose to hold the button down then your new found bug will continuously jump to amuse you and the kids.

Skitterbot Video


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