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Search Engine Optimization in 2015

Updated on January 2, 2015

Keeping up with SEO Best Practices in 2015

Guess What? SEO is still changing! I know, I know- Search Engine Optimization is always changing!

Search Engine Optimization is one of those marketing tactics that can’t seem to settle down and just stick to one way of doing things. 2015 doesn’t appear to be a year where SEO will be able to take the back burner for any business marketing agenda and if you are planning to handle any part of your own SEO in 2015, get ready for a ride.

SEO is a creative and analytical process

If you think that SEO has zero to do with creativity- THINK AGAIN!
If you think that SEO has zero to do with creativity- THINK AGAIN! | Source

What once was is no longer relevant- SEO changes constantly

It is important for every business owner to realize that SEO tactics of the past are probably not going to benefit your online presence or get you found on Search Engines today, as they did some 5 or 6 years ago. Such tactics and tools like Content Farms to build an insane number of backlinks in a short time, or keyword stuffing the text of your website with exact keyword phrases no longer helps your gain ranking and definitely won’t help you gain conversions.

Your 2015 SEO Forecast

What exactly has Search Engine Optimization come to in 2015? Simply put, SEO is quality. Quality content, quality links, and usability will be where your focus should lie. As said a thousand times before, Content is King of the internet marketing world, but this doesn’t mean that any content is going to benefit you. You still need to have an idea of what people are searching for that is relevant to your business and services. This means that you will probably still want to do or have a reputable SEO Company conduct keyword research. Once you have an idea of what is being searched, get to writing.

If I may make a suggestion, write without focusing on the keywords at hand. But rather look over the keywords and pick according to a subject that is relevant to what you want to write about. You need not focus on repeating keyword phrases verbatim over and over again throughout the content of a webpage. Google is advancing and is not looking at how many times you repeat a certain phrase, they are taking into account the contents meaning, purpose and over all relevance and benefit to the searches being preformed. Write natural, write well, and write unique content that visitors will appreciate.

What you don’t want to do to improve your SEO

It is misunderstood when it is said that Content is King, that the more content that is on your website and/or blog, the better. This is not correct. You do not need to have a massive amount of content to be found in search results. Instead of focusing on pumping out blog after blog after blog… focus on one blog at a time, and writing it well. One piece of stellar content will help you out more so than 100 pieces of nonsense that provide absolutely no benefit to readers.

Don't become discouraged if you create an awesome blog and it doesn't turn the results that you thought that it would. It happens. Why? Because the internet is full of information and it is growing by the day. You are up against many others that may have a bigger influence due to domain authority and current standing on search engines. Just keep writing, and continue to improve in the quality of your content. This is what will help you compete.

Bottom line for today's lesson is, even if you know absolutely nothing about SEO, focus on quality content that people can use and always write for your readers, and not the search engines. Google and other search engines are getting smart, and they care more about how you can benefit searchers, not how crafty you are with keywords and SEO tricks to sway the results pages.


A little something about me and my SEO Tech Blogs

My name is Holly and I am an Online Marketing Specialist specializing in Search Engine Optimization for one of the leading Website and Mobile App Development Companies in San Antonio Texas. My focus is to help clients understand how their website communicates with search engines and what they need to be doing online to increase their sites ranking and improve the overall user experience for visitors. You can find many of my blogs regarding SEO, here on HubPages, or feel free to visit me on my work blog.


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