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Search Engine Optimize Your Site

Updated on May 12, 2010

Ever since the main aspect of the "Internet" was the world wide web, the most likely way for individuals to find new and interesting websites was through Search Engines.  These engines used small applications or crawlers to bounce from website to website and catalog them based on meta information and the content of the pages.  

The collection of data about the various websites available was and is used to provide searchers with possible sites that have information they may be seeking.  AOL first used a Spider search engine that allowed dial-up customers to find new and interesting sites.  During the time, the search results were not as accurate as many would hope and being able to parse through search results to find useful information was not only a skill it was an art. 

Before Google owned the search market, websites like Alta Vista and Yahoo were the primary location for finding information on the web.  Individuals also use to use all the search engines at the same time through services like Dog Pile.  But, Google's product was so superior to others that as word spread of how effective the search engine was, individuals flocked to the tool quickly. 

The importance of Google only increased as it became the center piece to the internet, the location individuals go to find and identify new sites, new information, and new opportunities. 

Search Engine Optimization

Web masters quickly realized that the value of their site was dependent on how it returned in the Search Rankings for the particular topic that their sites covered.  With Google being the most important and used search tool, web masters quickly looked to build sites that were "Google Friendly" or Search Engine Optimized.  

Optimizing a site for the search engines often includes ensuring your site's code is clean and easy for Google, Bing, and Yahoo bots to crawl and parse.  The use of topic words in your content also improves the likelihood of your site being available to individuals as they search for through their Search Engines of choice. 

A site that is not search engine optimized can make it so that it is never, or rarely found, by individuals, even if the content and the topic is of superior quality than other sites that appear on the web.  With this in mind it is essential that any site you create is optimized for search engines, especially Google. 

As new websites are created daily, it is not uncommon to find sites created by non-technical users.  These websites often have little to no success in terms of search traffic.  Software such as iWeb, by Apple Inc, allow anyone to quickly put together a visual appealing website.  Unfortunately, iWeb is not SEO friendly out of the box.  But there are ways to make iWeb SEO friendly. 

Doing research and keeping up with what Search Engines believe to be of most importance is essential for proper and complete SEO efforts.  There are solutions to help you keep your site at the top of the search rankings.  It just takes time and effort from individuals to do so. 


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