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Seasteading Institute City Design

Updated on December 13, 2011

A Seasteading City Design Blueprint

image by András Gyõrfi of
image by András Gyõrfi of

Seasteading Institute City Design Plans

The Seasteading Institute is encouraging people to try radical life movement and discover new and innovative ways to live together outside of the conventional country boundaries. Seasteading Institute city design plans encourage a vision beyond existing political systems and bureaucracies and fosters forward thinking ideas with the ambition to build a "next generation of governance." What is seasteading? Well in the past the homestead principle applied to a person who was able to claim ownership of a plot of land by using it or building something on it. Of course, in modern times we have all but exhausted the natural supply of land. Seasteading looks to create floating cities that lie in international waters beyond the reaches of any existing political forces.

To this end the organization held the Seasteading Institute city design plans contest in order to receive entries and renderings from artists and other visionaries interested in the movement. The winning entries were quite amazing 3-d designs which if and when actually implemented would make for quite breathtaking living and working quarters for individuals and their businesses. Follow the progress at if you are interested in reviewing the results of these alternative cities.

While the Seasteading Institute has been around for some years, it has recently gained even more credibility due to an investment from the Paypal founder Peter Thiel in a project called Blueseed. His contributions will go towards sea steading a 1000-passenger city off of the coast of San Francisco but in international waters. The idea is to give startups, business leaders and entrepreneurs a place to work free from the burdens of governments such as visas. This project will result in the first seasteading city opening around Q3 2013 with the hope that if successful what is learned can be applied to other floating colonies as well and also allow new ones to realize what is possible. Then further seasteading cities can continue to experiment with their own constitutions and organizational methodologies.

One interesting thing about the Seasteading Institute design that Peter Thiel has become a part of is that it will allow commute back and forth via ferry into Silicon Valley. The San Francisco Bay area can be entered by seasteading residents with a renewable tourist visa rather than a work visa. Blueseed will be pioneering the way forward for seasteading generations and if Peter Thiel's previous successes have any role in the ultimate fate of this initial venture then there will probably be great things happening aboard.


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