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Second-hand Laptops - A Smart Plan For College Kids

Updated on December 5, 2010

Lately, laptops have grown to be a lot more preferred compared to desktop computers, particularly with college students. It is actually believed that more than 90% of college or university young people that need a computer will probably purchase a laptop computer rather than a desktop computer. The benefits of transportability as well as the increasing variety of available wifi internet hubs tends to make this a pretty simple option.

Certainly the negative aspect of purchasing a laptop or notebook is that they can frequently end up being a lot more more costly compared to a desktop which have a similar capacity of power and memory space.


Second-hand Laptops For College Students

Luckily, this really is one thing in which university students can potentially spend less cash. A lot of laptop or pc suppliers, almost all have a very large selection of second-hand laptops that are restored along with being re-packaged at price ranges far lower and much more affordable than you'd probably spend on a completely new laptop. Even though they are second hand, they will have been reconditioned and restored by the supplier as well as granted a warrantee that generally covers the initial 3 months soon after the purchase.

With current selling prices, it is difficult to get a brand new notebook computer for under $750, and in many cases, you will be then purchasing the cheapest unit with the tiniest display screen size and the bare minimum capacity of power. To obtain a larger display screen, more RAM, plus more running speed, you may certainly wind up spending anywhere from one thousand to over two thousand dollars more for a brand new laptop computer.

You Can Get The Same Features With A Pre-Owned Laptop As A Brand New Laptop

With a pre-owned laptop computer, you will get the identical power and display screen size of the more expensive completely new notebooks without having to pay the bigger price tag. Your more affordable priced second-hand laptops run anywhere from Three hundred to eight hundred dollars, and these are good high end brand name laptops. With this budget range, you'll probably be finding a name brand laptop or notebook computer with 1 gigabyte of memory space and at the very least a 14” display screen. Second-hand laptops within the three hundred to eight hundred dollar price range routinely have a hard disk drive with thirty to a hundred and twenty GB of storage space, along with a pre installed main system, for example Windows XP or Windows vista. Completely new laptop computers with similar features might very easily cost you 2 or 3 times the cost of a comparably loaded reconditioned unit.

Therefore, in the event that you are searching for ways to save cash as you are getting ready for college or university, begin by purchasing a reconditioned second-hand laptop computer rather than a completely new one. You will be strolling about campus with a incredibly competent laptop computer for your college or university studies, but you will possess a couple of $100 extra bucks remaining for additional fees.


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