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Secret Seo Tips & Tricks & Technique

Updated on October 25, 2012

Looking for ways to boost your Seo or Alexa? Read This!

I am sure you have researched on ways to increase your alexa rankings as well as search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Many articles or sites will tell you the same old things over and over again like a broken recorder, and those things just did not seem to be of any use. Is your site still hiding among millions of sites with no one knowing of its existence? It is a waste if that is the case, especially if you have put so much effort into creating your own site and looking forward to having more visitors yet not receiving the supposed result.

Ok let me tell you one piece of good news. If your site is really on a serious note and you are constantly adding great contents onto it, most probably is that your site will get recognized eventually. The point of SEO is to make your site recognition process speed up, it is by no means a way to let your empty site become popular. I am sure you have heard this before, but i will say it again, Content is the key to a successful site both on the long term and short term basis.

Since you can find this almost anywhere else on the web easily, i will just make a summary of the traditional ways to improve your site alexa ranking & SEO.

Traditional Methods

1) Content
Like i said above, good content will ensure that visitors are really staying on your site looking at what you have provided for them and this increase page views and duration they stayed there. Having good content once in a while is not enough, whats even more important is to have regularly addition of updated content. This will make sure the old visitors will come back to your site for, and at the same time, provide more chance for new visitors to stumble upon your site.

2) Links
What do i mean by links? I actually am referring to two things here, but using the same term. The first one is linking your content back into your other contents on your site. Basically every time you add new contents to your site, remember to link it to older or other newer contents. This will make it easier for visitors to continuously surf your site without stopping. The second one is to link to others. Whether be it linking to other or other linking to your site, both are equally important, but if you can only achieve one, then i advise to go for other site linking in.

3) Social network
In this new era whereby social networks have become so popular and important, it will be effective to use it as an opportunity to promote your site. Using the power of these sites, you can easily spread your site and if your site is really good, then i am sure those social networking addicts will definitely share it around. Then you will be doing effortless advertisement.

4) Site speed
Do i need to elaborate more on this? Just make your site as fast as possible, but without compromising quality and contents. Some suggestions is to avoid flash and optimize all your images.

5) Keywords
This is like a subset of the first point, content. By having good content, you will naturally have keywords to play around with. But you can do more with this by putting more related keywords tagged on your content, BUT DO NOT SPAM. By using unrelated keywords or tags it will only be counterproductive. You can also add descriptions to your images if you want...

Ok now i have finally reached the part where you will most probably be more interested than the above. Of course, the above still works relatively well if you do it correctly. But the trouble with a lot of site master is that they do not know exactly what to do with the above, and in the end make things worse. From here onwards, the ways or tricks i will be saying are quite idiot proof. You can get effective result just by doing it, without understanding why it works.

New Methods

1) Traffic
i am sure you know that this is the thing that every site wants and fail to get especially when they are new. Lets cut things short. I am asking you to use autosurf traffic exchange ( or manual one if you like ) Many people have argued that fake traffic put forward by these traffic exchanges does not work and will only make your site become blacklisted and penalized. Okay i will tell you now that it is only half true. From my own experiences, traffic sent by traffic exchanges whether auto or manual, will increase your alexa ranking and helps you get your site index on google faster. But the downside is that this only works in the beginning, when your site is new and does not have much traffic. This method will do wonders at first but will reach its limit soon. But not to worry since by then your site with good contents will have captured real visitors and fake traffic will not be needed any more. Currently, Hitleap is the best auto traffic exchange, Easyhits4u the best manual one.

2) Pinging sites
This is not ping pong, it is to ping your site, which means to make your site be known to more other sites. Its hard to explain this but this is useful when you updated your site contents and want to let other sites ( like search engines know about it ) However using too much will make your site appear to be spam and blacklisted. The recommended times for you to ping your site is 2 times per day, one in morning and one in the night. The best site is Pingler but you can try others. Make sure the alternatives do not ping the same site as pingler as it will be counted as multiple pinging.

3) International popularity
Somehow it is not enough to let one country know about your site. By letting the world know about your site, then your site will truely be SEO optimized. This is especially hard when your site language does not fit into their language but there are still some things you can do despite this. First, use auto traffic exchange from different countries. My trick is to find the best traffic exchange from each major countries and use them. Remember to put a translator on your site. Similarly for pinging and indexing, you can search for China sites if you understand chinese. Their pinging sites are much better than the english ones and they are even more adept at SEO "cheats"

That's it for now, the three new methods that i provided will help you achieve fast SEO and alexa rankings but they are not long term ones. Although you can still use them at later period when your sites is up and ready popular, it will not give you as effective results as when you first use it on your new site. As far as i am concern, my blog since using these three tricks, manage to increase alexa ranking from 22 million to 500k in just less than 2 months.

It works for me so why not you? Try it and tell me if it works.


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