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Selecting Mobile VoIP Clients

Updated on May 17, 2012
Mobile VoIP Clients
Mobile VoIP Clients

SIP VoIP Architecture

The infrastructure of a hosted VoIP system is not difficult to understand. We can compare it to a number of other technology services such as e-mail and hosted websites to explain the similarities. To start off with, we have an SIP provider whom that we create an account with. There are many types of services, some of which are free. This is very much like an e-mail service provider like Google or Yahoo. You have an account with them and you have an e-mail address which ends with their domain name. Your SIP address is similar in format to an e-mail ID. If you're using a free service, you will most likely have the same restriction that you have with free e-mail services – namely that it will end with their domain name.

Once you have set up an account with an SIP provider, you have to install an SIP client on your device just like you have to have an e-mail client on your PC like Outlook or Thunderbird. Any calls made to your VoIP number will feature an SIP provider who will then route the calls over the Internet to your client and make it ring. Is very similar to e-mail except that it's real-time whrease e-mail can be delayed by several minutes.

Selecting a Mobile VoIP Client

There are many mobile VoIP clients on the market. Some of these are excellent and free programs. Bria on the iPhone for example is a superb piece of paid software that allows you to connect to various SIP providers and make use of advanced features such as video calling. It's also available for the Android platform at the same cost. Android however has quite a few excellent free VoIP alternatives like CSIPSimple which provides an enormous range of options and parameters to configure with your SIP provider.

It also has a large number of predefined SIP providers which you can simply select to enter your authorization credentials. To my knowledge, this is one of the most exhaustive and fully featured SIP clients available. Is very important when setting up your VoIP client to make sure that you have the proper configuration parameters depending on your specific SIP provider. Each will probably prefer different codecs, and have slightly different variables that need to be tweaked on your VoIP client. For this reason, it's best if you use a client provided to you by your very own service provider. It will come installed with all the optimal settings. But if they don't provide their own client, you can always contact them to find out what parameters you should be using.


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