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Self-advising to buy a camera

Updated on June 2, 2011

Buying a camera is a big deal. Your final choice will depend on several issues:

  • First of all: you criteria. It's good to have a criteria. If you don't have a criteria then, you will end buying your friend's best-buy camera or, even worst, the dealer's choice camera.
  • The need: why do you want a camera.
  • The use: which use would you give to the camera: sports, nature, landscapes, portraits, travel, events, art?
  • Your skills in photography to take good pictures, to understand the mechanics of everything involved: the light, the composition, the importance of the optics, an so on.
  • And finally, the budget, of course.

Imagine that you have a criteria, you want a camera because you feel you need it, you will use the camera in many situations, almost everyday, and you understand everything that is involved in taking good pictures: the light, the composition, and so on... but, you have a low budget.
Oh!!!! what a shame! high dreams and low budget don't match!

Do they really don't match? Well, let's say they hardly match.

Buying a camera can be considered an investment?

Of course. Buying a camera IS an investment. A good investment. Nowadays, buying a camera IS ONE OF THE BEST investments in leisure and personal life. With a budget starting at $40 that everybody can afford you get:

  1. the possibility to keep your sights with your personal point of view. Not everybody see the same when watching.
  2. the possibility to keep your personal livings: travels, events, the changes in people that you care.
  3. the ability to create art, playing to be a photographer, or just being it, entering the amazing world of photography, thinking and planning the best shot, preparing it, pressing the button and, finally, post-processing images to get this image you have been running after.

For how long can you expect the best return?

If your camera has more than 6 years, or you feel that you don't take the pictures you want to, or it is damaged, or you see pictures taken by your friends that are better than yours, then you can consider your investment as amortized. Think on how many bucks did you pay for it, and how many pictures did you take. Having a good choice is the best way to have a great return and make it last for long time.

In the following chapters I will try to be brief in the difficult task to choice the best camera, the camera that fits your needs, your criteria and your budget.

And to be brief, from now I will call SATBAC to the set of hubs Self-Advising To Buy A Camera. Hope you like and find them useful.


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