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Selfie with dead dad

Updated on March 11, 2015

Recently while surfing on internet I once looked a photo which has gone viral on Twitter where a son took a selfie with his father lying on funeral bed. Undoubtedly it’s a personal call to use tweeter to inform your love ones about such depressing news but taking a photograph with a dead body of dad and posting it on internet is really a weirdest use of the social media I ever seen. Few days back I saw a news article in which it was published that a choreographer while going to washroom accidently landed his feet on the tail of his pet Rottweiler. As a consequence of it the choreographer got eleven stiches on this face. The choreographer before doing to doctor preferred to post his selfie with blood all over his face. Some notorious person took the photograph and posted it on internet with a statement that the choreographer had tried to attempt a rape with one of his student. The public has beaten him to hell for his inglorious act.

The mobile and internet has brought a whole world into pocket. This is an age of internet and it is mainly used shopping and social sites. Off course biggest traffic of internet is on porn sites but I in this article do not want to put emphasis on it. Now days everything is available on internet for sale from superman underwear to dogs dirty costumes. Some of the products which catch my attention and worth sharing for fun are the following: - Pup-A-Razzi Silver Screen Starlet Dog Costume available for $21.29. Aside from the inherently evil practice of dressing up animals as people this costume also have artificial boobs for the dog. Damn! Who what to see dog boobs. Other one is Toilet Paper of Obama. And believe me it is not made in Russia. Are persons really wanted to praise their President in such a way? One person was selling his five two dollar notes for twelve dollars. I hardly believe that any person with an IQ of atleast 10 years old boy wanted to be the proud owner of five two dollar notes by paying twelve dollars. Some more are baboon monkey butt (surely a good one to show it to the boss), Twenty-five metric tons of chicken feet (that’s the minimum order), Unicorn meat (where the hell Unicorns are found), Rosewell UFO Crash Site Soil with certificate of authenticity (height of fakeness) and the List is endless.

However internet has also inherent advantages. In old ages it was really difficult to track teenagers and to know what they are doing with their lives. Now day’s teenagers are doing everything on social media from love proposals to breakups. Parents just have to create a fake ID with a photograph of some smart guy or girl. Once they are permitted to the group the can watch every action of their son/ daughter. Few years back one top leader of terrorist group get caught because of his addiction of internet. FBI has prepared the trap by creating an attractive profile of a FBI Agent. The said terrorist leader started loving that FBI Agent and he was forced to come out of his hidden location. This led to his arrest.

People are now busy with their work. It has now become difficult to spare time for friends and family after home and office work. Now at least on virtual world people are in touch with each other even that in very nominal cost. One just needs an internet pack and a mobile. I am in touch with some of my friends with whom I personally met more than 10 years ago. If there was no internet I would not had been in touch with them. However it is also true that they might not recognize me if accidently I personally come in front of them. Kids are chatting with their grandparents. Off course personal visits are important but if that is not possible then at least people are in touch with each other. This is a best part.


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