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Seller vs Factory Refurbished Smartphones

Updated on April 19, 2015

If you have ever bought a refurbished item. You would know that a used item could be either refurbished by a factory or by a merchant. Merchant or seller refurbished items tend to be cheaper than factory refurbished items. But, does the difference in price matter so much. Well, it depends on what you’re buying. If it’s furniture or hardware. The only difference would be that the factory refurbished item will have less scratches. This totally different for smart electronics. I had bought two smartphones. One was seller refurbished while the other was factory refurbished. There is also a $50 difference in price. The quality difference between the devices were also great. The factory phone came with a 3 month warranty while the seller phone didn’t. The warranty was also provided by manufacturing company. The seller refurbished phone also came with a few scratches while the factory refurbished came with none. Software of the phones differ the most. The seller refurbished phone was rooted. When I unrooted the device, the IMEI became corrupted. In the end, the phone had to be rooted.


I highly recommend getting a factory refurbished set when it comes to buying a phone. Your phone could also come with defects, so make sure you purchase a phone with warranty. Thank you for reading by article and have a nice day.


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