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Send Notes from Web Browser to Mobile Phone

Updated on April 2, 2012

Android Phones are Really Awesome!

When I told my mom, I am going to purchase a new mobile phone. She actually don't like that idea, and she said, why you need another phone? Of course, she never knows the technological developments these days. By her point of view, a phone with a good camera is best. But as a technology lover, I wanted my own Android phone! So I bought it from one online website. When I actually got my hands over it, I was really excited and I shown my mom why this thing was worth it! Now she accept that, I really had the need of a new smart mobile phone. She also want one smart phone for her! I love Android phones. These phones are cheap, thousands of free applications are available for them, and in my opinion, everyone should have a Smart phone, specially an Android phone, because this phone is affordable and best.

Importance of Taking Notes

Taking notes are really important for me. Thoughts are like the flow of a river. Noting down important things at the same time when they come into your mind is essential. Otherwise, you could forget it completely, while you are busy in your work. I work mostly on Internet and while I am away form my laptop or desktop, I keep myself in touch with my work using my Android phone. Android phone is actually not good for working for hours, but it is awesome for getting work related notifications. Though you can do minor changes to your work using your smart phone.

How I came Across this Service?

When I get an idea in my mind or an important thing should have to be done within time, I note that thing using either chrome application or to-do list. But other than taking notes, Recently, I wanted to send one sms on internet to my Android phone. As my phone is registered into Do Not Disturb (DND) Registry, I was unable to send that sms using free sms web services. And of course, manually typing that sms on the mobile phone is not the easy thing to do. I wanted to have different solution to this problem. I went into Android Market and there I found one application which helped me to send sms (notes) from chrome web browser to my Android phone. Obviously, now I can also send notes from my web browser to my Android phone with just one click.

Application for Android and Chrome to Transfer Notes

To transfer notes form your Chrome web browser to Android phone, you need to install regarding application on both sides. The name of the application is "NoteOnHand". After installing this application on your Chrome browser and Android phone, you have to log in via your Google account. This is the open id that they use to identify the user and to transfer notes to the correct destination. You have to authorize this application with your Google Account. You can manage authorized applications and sites in Google account settings.

NoteOnHand - Send Notes From Web Browser to Mobile Phone
NoteOnHand - Send Notes From Web Browser to Mobile Phone

Next time while working over Internet, if you want to send some text content to your mobile phone, just open the new tab of your Chrome web browser. Here you will see the NoteOnHand application. Login with Google Open id. Enter your note into the specified space, and then click "send to my phone" button. Now open this same application on your Android mobile phone, here is the content that you have sent from your web browser. You can delete or edit your note using mobile phone itself. You can copy the content on clipboard or you may like to directly share this note with your firends. For example, I send sms from my web browser to my mobile phone and then I share it via sms. This is just amazing! There is also the option in that application to add notes directly to your Android mobile phone.

I love this application and I find it very useful in my daily life. I hope you found this information helpful. You may like to share this informative hub with your friends.


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    • vinner profile image

      vinner 6 years ago from India

      Wow this is a really cool idea. It is very useful. I was searching for something like this. It is very useful for noting down things that you want.