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Send Videos from Web Browser to Mobile Phone

Updated on April 4, 2012

I love Smart Phones!

Now a days, mobile phones are not just about making phone calls. In far future, humans will become the cyborgs. I think mobile phones are just the beginning of this process. Because today most of the people carry mobile phone with them all the time, like it is the extension of their own body. With the development of Smart Phones, Mobile phones got synced with the Internet. This ability of mobile phones made them more powerful and exceptionally useful. The thousands of extraordinary mobile applications are developed with the increasing computational power of mobile phones. The mobile phones became smart phones. The Android phones specially are the best smart phones because of their user friendly Interface and affordable prices. I love Android phones because they sync the data from my laptop, web browser to my mobile phone.

Send Videos from Web Browser to Mobile Phone
Send Videos from Web Browser to Mobile Phone

Smart Application to Send Videos to Mobile Phone

Today, I am going to share with you another best thing that our Android smart phones can do. You can send videos right from your web browser to your Android phone with the help of one smart application. The name of this smart application is "Spool". This is my one of the most favorite applications for Android phone. Actually, this application do more than sending videos from your web browser. You can send links, notes and more. But I like this application specially because this application helps me to send videos from my chrome web browser to Android phone. How this application exactly works?

You have to install the Spool extension to your chrome web browser and then install it's application on your Android phone. This extension and application are available for free of cost and you can get them from You need to create one new account there. You can also log in with you Facebook account. Now when you come across any online video just click spool extension button (If you are not already signed in, it will ask you to log in) and then Spool it! YouTube does not allow offline access to the videos on your mobile phone. But you are always free to use other online video platforms like Metacafe for offline access.

Now open Spool application on your mobile phone. You should be able to see your spooled video into "My Spool" section. If you have spooled video from Metacafe, it will start downloading that video on your mobile phone for offline access. You can watch YouTube videos online. The YouTube video link in My Spool will work as a bookmark. In the settings of this application you can decide the amount of content that this application can download to your device. You can connect your Facebook, Google, Twitter and specially Dropbox account to Spool. Spool is one very simple, user friendly and useful application.

What is Spool? (Video)

This is the best application to send videos from your web browser to mobile phone. You can even access videos offline. This application automatically converts video into mobile friendly high quality format. If you found the information in this hub interesting, share this hub with your friends.


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