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Sennheiser HD-555, A Great Pair of Affordable Headphones

Updated on August 18, 2009

Sennheiser HD-555

Sennheiser HD-555
Sennheiser HD-555

Beautiful. Comfortable. The sound will make you shiver when blasting your favorite songs.

I am more of an in ear monitor person but I prefer using headphones at home. I own the Shure SE530 IEMs which are the best I have tried. I have owned a few over the ear headphones such as the Grado SR-60, AKG K240, and Sennheiser HD202. These Sennheiser HD555s are the BEST I have tried for sure. Great open sound, The most comfortable by FAR! I can wear them 4 hours without any problems or discomfort. The Grado SR-60 were good but too bass heavy, not very comfortable, and leaked double the sound of the HD555s, the AKG K240s were pretty bad, thin sound and they look horrible on, and the sennheiser HD202s were good for the price but the HD555s are maybe 10 times better in every way. I think for some reason that my HD555s sound pretty similar to my SE530s which cost about 4 times more ($449).

The highs, mids, and lows are not as good but the sound signature is nearly the same and sometimes I prefer the open sound of the HD555s over my SE530s. They do leak sound, the plug is huge, and they are pretty big so I wouldnt recommend them for outdoor use, even though I have used them on NYC trains with no problem. I have not tried the HD595s, HD600s, or HD650s but wow if these sound so good, then I could only imagine the bliss that those must be. I am content with these for the price and I dont plan on upgrading for a long time. I cant believe they are sold for this price, I would pay maybe $200+ for these. So get them if you can, trust me they sound good, you wont regret it, as soon as you hear them you will smile and they will sound even better after using them for 90-100 hours because they will break in giving you better all around sound. One last note, these things are built like a tank, I can see them lasting maybe 5+ years easy, they are so sturdy yet flexible.


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