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Sennheiser HD570 Headphones Review

Updated on January 25, 2016

Sennheiser over ear headphones

I've owned the Sennheiser HD570 headphones for about a decade and wanted to share my experience with these over ear headphones.

Senn bills the HD570 as an open-ear dynamic audiophile-quality headphone “with an advanced diaphragm design that eliminates standing waves for warm, natural sound.”

If you're wondering what that means, I'll parse the marketing babble for you: “We've created an electronical device that makes music sound good; headphones like this belong on your ears.”

If you are wondering about specs, Sennheiser still has the technical details on the web.

Sennheiser HD 570 impedance: 'Do I need a headphone amp?'

The HD570 are an over ear headphones with an open-ear design, which allows outside sounds to be heard through them. These are not a good headphone for noisy areas, such as bus transit, and are designed for home audio use.

The home-use designation is also apparent with the 64 ohm impedance, which requires a quality headphone amp to drive them to their potential.

I didn't see this a problem because I expected to use these for casual listening while working on the computer when I did not want to listen to speakers like these.

However, this did mean that they needed to be comfy and worn without discomfort. That's where the Sennheiser's excelled.

The headband has a thick padding, and the ear pads are velour. The HD570s don't pinch or squeeze the head and are comfy for hours. These are the most comfortable headphones.

Sennheiser HD570 cable

Despite hours of comfort, the HD570 only comes with a 3 meter cord, which isn't long enough to walk around the house with.

But the cord can be disconnected from the headphones, which is a nice feature if the cord gets mangled. It's pretty easy to find a replaceable cable for Sennheiser headphones on ebay.

What do the Senns sound like?

The Sennheiser HD570s have an emphasis throughout the treble region, giving them a bright sound. This can be corrected by turning the treble control down a notch. The bass response of these headphones is average and can't be adjusted by turning up the bass notch because that will place too much emphasis in the mid-bass and not enough in the low bass where these lack.

Although I've only mentioned these with music, I think this headphone excels in the home theater department. The comfortable, lightweight body of these headphones makes it one of the best headphones for gaming and watching movies.

No now what?

Although this older Sennheiser model is discontinued, it can be found at an inexpensive price second-hand and represent a good value for a beginning audiophile-quality headphone.


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    • Pokedex profile image

      Pokedex 4 years ago from Pallet Town

      I love your review on Sennheiser's. I am in an endless battle with getting a good headset and then keeping it for as long as possible. What I find is I need to buy one once every year or two because they keep falling apart or breaking somewhere.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

      I have always loved Sennheiser's, and continue to think they are the best! Great review.

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