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Server Backup: Say Goodbye to Worries Say Hello to Peace of Mind

Updated on July 21, 2010

The worry of losing your files overnight increases the agony of having your business left behind the complexities of the economy. The advent of having server backup aside from the physical storage devices is proven to be the most effective ways to wave goodbye to worries. It is believed that most of the companies who lost important data have gone through their end in a couple of years thereafter. That is why if you are still one of those who can’t sleep at night worrying to lose their files then it’s time for you to consider having online backup.

What are the features of server backup?

Online backup storage can take away your fear of having your files corrupted in any way because it offers expert technical support and continuous backing up methods. The mirrored data centers offer maximum security of your data as you wish to recover them by using automatic file backup that works independently. The continuous data protection feature (CDP) of backup online automatically save the changes you have made every 15 minutes by which you do not have to worry of losing it even after an error occur caused by either human or mechanical. The online backup services disaster recovery on the other hand is capable of retrieving your data as it was the original. There’s a lot more that you can have as you decide to have this advanced backing up system by which can give you peace of mind.

What to look for network backup?

It is sad to see that there are still many companies who overlooked the importance of having reliable data recovery. Most of the times they see it when it’s already too late by which their data suffers from complete lost. So, if you are looking forward in acquiring online data backup system it is best to know what are the things that you need to consider for you to be able to make an intelligent choice.

The first thing to consider would be the compatibility of the internet backup to your system. It is best for you to make a sort of research first before you avail the offer by which you need to consider the kind of security center that is being offered. What you can and cannot backup is also a necessary consideration for you to have the best service ever.

What are the possible choices for your server backup?

In fact there is wide range of options that you can have as you consider having online data storage. The following are some of them:

  1. iomega iStorage – choices are available for both home and offices that can cost around $43 for a 5GB home account.
  2. iBackup – different plans are offered including the economy plan of $10/month of 5GB space.
  3. Strongspace - offers 4GB of space for $8/month with an SFTP communications between you and your backups.
  4. ExpertBackupNow – Microsoft Exchange and SQL plug-ins are designed for your online storage backup needs that provides simple, fast and efficient service.
  5. ElephantDrive – unlimited amount of storage is being offered for fee of course and is working with Amazon S3.

The decision is still yours so make sure that you have the best server backup that can satisfy your back up needs which means giving you a worry-free night and a peaceful mind all the time.


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