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ServerFreak Malaysia Web Hosting

Updated on November 14, 2010


The core idea behind this post is to share my unbiased experience about a web hosting company. Hopefully, my experience will help those new to web hosting choose a good web hosting company.

For several years, I have used free blogs for my blogging needs. I have tried both Blogspot, and even free web hosting. Apart from the fact that free blogs and free web hosting look a little unprofessional, I had also received irrational complaints that claimed my sites overused resources. I ignored all warnings, until I was victimized myself. All my hard work went for a toss when a couple of my websites got deleted for unexplained reasons. I was told that the only way to avoid this problem was to go for paid hosting services. Needless to say, I had to keep my sites running, so I tried paid hosting services.

Web Hosting Research

As a smart consumer, I did a fair amount of research before trying out a big name in the industry hoping that spending certain amount of money will keep me immune from all kinds of hosting related issues. However, reality stuck hard when I encountered loads of server downtime with the hosting company. Eventually, I had to switch to another web hosting company which I paid for an unlimited bandwidth plan only to realize that the term “unlimited bandwidth” was nothing more than a marketing gimmick used by the company to allure customers. Very soon, I received an email from the web hosting company to upgrade my websites to prevent my sites from being taken down. I was told that my websites were using too much server resources and bandwidth, which is why an upgrade was a must, despite the fact that I had opted for an unlimited hosting package. I had to email them back and forth only to end up with the conclusion that I had to spend more money or else my websites would be gone forever!


ServerFreak Web Hosting

After having tried two of the supposedly best web hosting providers with bad experiences, I was really on the verge of breakdown. I simply needed a reliable web host that would help me live peacefully without needing to worry about server issues. I decided to begin from scratch and started my research again on good web hosting companies. My investigations lead me to a Malaysia based web hosting company called ServerFreak. I was told that ServerFreak is one of the most rapidly growing web hosting providers in Malaysia that has been in business since 2003. I didn’t want to burn my hands again, which is why I decided to go through a lot of research this time, despite the fact that there were many positive reviews on various forums about ServerFreak.

I checked their website and saw that the hosting packages were cheap and the specs were quite good. With an investment of only RM360/month, the company offered dedicated server with good amount of bandwidth space. I found a variety of hosting packages that came with great disk space and bandwidth enough to support a great amount of traffic. Their VPS server hosting plan enables one to host unlimited websites. At the end of the day, I needed speed, reliability, control and flexibility. ServerFreak looked like an ideal web host! After some considerations, I decided to take the leap because they are also offering 30 days money back guarantee. I knew that I had nothing to lose except for some time. One of the other primary reasons why I try ServerFreak was that there were loads of positive reviews about them on reputed blogs and hosting review websites such as on

Now, it’s been about 1 year since I signed up with ServerFreak, and I think it is time for me to share my experience with others about them. After two bitter experiences with other paid providers, I realized that nothing was perfect and I was expecting some troubles with my new hosting company as well. However, I am glad to say that I didn’t face major issues with ServerFreak so far. In fact, I must admit that ServerFreak exceeded my expectations! The thing that I liked the most about ServerFreak is their support system. For each and every ticket that I submitted over a period of one year, I received a reply with a couple of hours. Most of my queries were settled within a few hours time. The best part is that I rarely noticed any downtime with my websites, which I must admit was quite surprising for me as well. I did some further research on this matter and figured out that ServerFreak web servers are located in first class data centers with multiple backbone providers that enabled them to keep downtime issues at bay. I also found the administrative system very friendly. As mentioned earlier, the packages offered by ServerFreak are reasonably priced as well!


ServerFreak Coupons

I was also able to save money from time to time from their promotional offers and discount coupons. I remember several months back they were offering .com. and .info domains free for every new signup along with their web host plans. They run such promotional offers from time to time, so all I do is keep my eye on them whenever I receive any email from the company. With Christmas around the corner, I am sure ServerFreak will have some promotional packages coming up real soon. Overall, I have been more than satisfied with ServerFreak, which is why I am not shying away from spreading the word about the company. That being said, I still believe that one can’t rely on subjective opinions to figure out a good company from the junk. If you really want to determine the best web host then you will have to actually try out the services because the best hosting service can be dogged by the users themselves.

Oh, nearly forget to mention, I liked the fact that ServerFreak is quite transparent about everything that a consumer should really know. They don’t just hide behind emails, rather they offer 24/7 phone support. I believe ServerFreak is the only web hosting company in Malaysia to have 24/7 phone support! Of course, you can use the Live Chat feature as well, which I personally prefer over phone support because I am online most of the time. You can get in touch with them via MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. Anyway, if you would like to give ServerFreak a shot, you can use these ServerFreak coupons to get some handsome discounts (instant discounts up to 40$ off). Try it out and share your unbiased opinions just like I did, so that other online users can benefit as well.


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