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Setting up a LAN with a Hub or Switch

Updated on February 12, 2011
24 Port Hub
24 Port Hub

Setting up a Local Area Network (LAN) in your home or office is actually easier than you probably think. You only need a few things: High Speed Internet Connection, Modem, Router, Network Hub or Switch and Ethernet Cables.

Your high-speed Internet connection can be either a Cable, DSL, Satellite, or T1 and up connection. Most companies that supply high-speed Internet access will also provide you with the modem but if not you will need to get a matching modem. For example, you will need a Cable modem for a Cable connection or a DSL modem for a DSL connection. From the modem you will need an Ethernet cable connecting to the input of your router. From your router you will need another Ethernet Cable exiting at port number one and going into your network hub or switch through the input. If you are networking 4 or less computers your routers built in 4-way switch will suffice and you will not have to hook up a separate hub or switch. You can purchase up to a 24 Port Hub or more than one if you need to connect more than 24 computers at a time. Now you will need one more Ethernet cable for each computer you intend to hook up to your LAN. This means if you have 8 computers you will need 8 more cables. Now you have successfully set up you LAN. For more details on how to configure windows XP for your LAN visit How to set up a LAN using a 24 Port Network Hub


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    • Lantean profile image

      Lantean 6 years ago

      I have a Wi-max router, a USB modem, a 24-port hub, an 8-port switch, six client PCs and a server (actually another PC as the server) and CyberKlock café billing software.

      Before purchasing the router, i routed all internet connection through the server (that is while using the USB modem). Things were easy and uncomplicated, THEN.

      But now things have gotten complicated:

      Whenever i'm using the router, i have to use the wall clock rather than using my cafe billing software because i have to look up the time manually.

      My client PCs can access the internet it's just that i can't get my trial version of CyberKlock cafe-billing software to work whenever i'm using the router.

      My problem is setting up LAN to accommodate both my router and the USB modem as well as be able to just switch my internet connection without resetting my connection on the clients or server everytime and also be able to use my Cyberklock software either time.

      Please help ‘cos it's driving me nuts.