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Setting Up

Updated on May 25, 2013

Setting up Icefilms

The following article details installation of from start to finish. This is a walk through guide for those looking for aid and assistance with initial set up.

IceFilms is a site which enables the user to select from a variety of broadcast files and stream in DivX quality, directly to a computer. Provided the user has streaming software and a compatible television the broadcast may also be wirelessly streamed to an HDTV.

Ideally the site aids in turning a PC into an on demand entertainment center. Complete with a variety of daily updated sources, full program indexes and and quality streaming capabilities on demand.


This tutorial serves as an educational guide. No copyrighted content is hosted on this page. Icefilms provides it services at its own discretion. This is a guide meant for those interested in information relevant to the topics discussed. Please reference Google for relevant links as they have been removed to comply with site policy.

Step One

- Navigate to Icefilms homepage

- Select 'DivX Web Player 1.5 for Windows'

Step Two

- Accept and run DivX Web Player Setup

- Accept License Agreement

- Continue

- If encountering error

  • Run as Admin in Windows 7
  • Adjust properties/compatibility in Windows XP

Step Three

- Make sure you have selected to install older version

- As in the caption select 'No, I would like to install the older version'

- Continue

Step Four

- Next select which components you wish to install

- Ensure DivX Web Player is checked

- Simply hit Continue and then select your installation path

- Once installation has finished proceed to Step 5

Step Five - Update Streaming Script

- Navigate to a chosen link in IceFilms within Google Chrome or Firefox

- At the top of the page under 'Choose a streaming script' select 'GM Script' under auto-run header

- Firefox users may have to install Greasemonkey form the following website to ensure extensions function accordingly.


Step Six

- Select 'Install' from the top of the page to proceed with the installation of the streaming script.

- Again, be sure you are running either FireFox or Google Chrome

- Once installed ensure you have received similar confirmation message as captioned to the right

- You are now ready to begin utilizing IceFilms

Playing Links

- Navigate to a video of your choosing

- Select a source link from the window to the right

  • Ensure you have closed all ads
  • Ensure no link timers are running
  • Navigate to the main video link
  • If required click 'Close and Play Video'

- Link will immediately start to stream in a similar window as to the right

- Alternatively you may also download the video file completely to disk.

  • Select 'Download' when applicable
  • Specify target path on disk. Accept and save.

If you encounter issues, refer to the Troubleshooting section of the guide for a suggested workaround.

Ensure that you are navigating appropriate links as a free user in order to be redirected accordingly.

Troubleshooting Errors


- If experiencing difficulty you may also attempt to play the video from the cache information downloaded during loading. This will require installing a different media player capable of handling that level of playback.

- Visit - Download VideoLan for Windows. Accept and install.

- Next, load chosen video on Icefilms. Download and pause ensuring the video loads completely.

- Locate this 'cache' file in the Divx Player directory. Open VLC Player and run this cache file within VLC.

- Alternatively attempt to download the file and locate the pending file within your downloads directory. Open this pending download in VLC Media Player.

- If prompted hit 'Repair'. If file fails to start select 'Do Not Repair'

- File will commence playback automatically


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