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Setup US iTunes Account without a US Credit Card

Updated on April 3, 2013

NetFlix and Hulu Plus from anywhere in the world


Why Setup a US iTunes Account?

So that you can have acccess to Movie and TV show subscription services such as Netflix and HuluPlus which are not normally available to those outside the United States It will also mean that you dont have to download your entertainment from torrent or suspicious file sharing websites

Most of these services are very low cost especially when bought as gift certificates from ebay or similar websites. I have seen them as low as $5 dollars a month.

Important Note: Please be aware that iTunes will automatically detect that you are not in the US by your IP address , which is assigned to you by your Internet service provider.

In order to appear as though you live in the United States you will need to sign up to a vpn or dns service. With a simple network setting change in your tablet ,pc, apple tv or similar your device will automatically look up url using a US dns lookup service tricking your device into believing that it resides in the US.

There are many different DNS redirection services, I have personally used Unblock-US and have found them great but many other options are available , there is currently a free week trial on unblock us which is a great way to test out services at

Let's Do It

Ok well here we go , first of all this is what you will need to begin

  • A current iTunes account in your own country
  • No Credit Card is required, if you previously filled this in it can be removed

Sign into your iTunes account

Change your iTunes App Store Location

  • Click on the iTunes store icon
  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the page, locate your country icon on the bottom right hand corner

Click on your Country Icon

Change Country

  • Sign in again if required
  • Locate the United States bubble icon

US of A

Account Details

  • Here we setup our account to work with the US iTunes store
  • Important Note: If you do not see the Payment option NONE , you will need to already have a working iTunes account previously in your country of origin before beginning the country change.
  • Select a Payment Option of None, If you wish to use a credit card I know that some AMEX cards work but most will not as it will not match the U.S address.

US account details

  • Select Payment Options as NONE
  • Enter a valid US State and Zip code, you can generate a state and zip code at or similar websites.
  • Enter a phone number three zeroes (000) for area code and 7 zeroes for the number (0000000) and hit next

There you have it , you now have a US iTunes Account.

To get your netflix working remember to enter the dns settings into your device, turn your device off or put it to sleep then unplug the power for 10 seconds. Turn it back on and it will start to use the new settings.

  • Sign in with your US iTunes account , click on the Netflix app and enjoy your first free month :)
  • Don't worry about the recurring charges for netflix you can turn them off and the service will terminate automatically after a month with no charges, visit the apple help page for info on cancelling the auto renewal subscription.

Enjoy ^>^

hope that helps, any questions let me know :)
hope that helps, any questions let me know :)


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