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Twitter: Say it to My Face!

Updated on November 7, 2017

Twitter, like most social media platforms has pros and cons. I think most people who haven’t used Twitter feel as though it is for simpletons and refrain from even trying it, but the simplicity is one of its charms in my opinion. I liked how simple it was and how the 140-character limit forced users to be concise, eliminating unnecessary fluff. Also, the 140-character limit can be alleviated by posting links, diagrams, pictures or videos to more detailed information. Twitter offers a great way to find old friends, stay connected, and develop relationships with individuals and organizations. However, I didn’t like that there is no edit function for Tweets. Users either have to delete the Tweet and rewrite it or keep it and deal with it. Perhaps this isn’t such a negative point, because it forces you to pay much more attention to what you are writing and what you are trying to say. These days anyone can write anything about anyone without remorse or embarrassment. This is a negative aspect about social media that is damaging our society and culture. Before social media, if an individual wanted to say something bad about someone to their face they would see the person’s expression and feel the pain that they caused, but now with a click of a button the worst things can be said without having to feel bad in anyway. Twitter hopefully forces users to think about what they are saying and reminds them that there is another human being on the receiving end of tweets.

Twitter, like most social media platforms has pros and cons.

Another point that users should understand is that consistency is important when using social media. If followers see that an individual, company or brand hasn’t posted in a while they will either “unfollow” or not be interested when they do post. Another aspect of twitter that I found interesting is how Twitter encourages users to be spontaneous as I mentioned in a Tweet, “I can begin the day by reading a friends post about toast and several hash tags later end up reading about Vietnam.” One Tweet can lead users to things and places that they would never have read or even thought about before. Twitter is also a great way to relieve stress and open up about things you can’t verbally express. An important feature for any Twitter user is pinning Tweets so that an important Tweet will stay at the top. Also, a third party app or filtration system is a must for Twitter users, because the barrage of Tweets can be overwhelming and many tweets get lost.

On a marketing perspective, I think Twitter is a great medium for organizations to develop relationships with their customers and the society in general. Twitter gives companies a voice to update the world on new products, solve problems, and discuss/ monitor changing trends. Twitter also gives customers and the general public a voice to speak up and express their views on a company’s performance, environmental impact or simply to express complaints. Companies can keep track of how many people read or like a tweet, keep track of negative buzz, and make changes to products or services that consumers complain or talk about. After monitoring Twitter buzz and understanding that any form of buzz spreads to every social media platform it is important for firms to be a part of all forms of social media. Twitter can be linked to other forms of social media to solve this problem. However, companies should be careful when posting, because a simple mistake or negative buzz can spread instantaneously all over the globe. In 2008, Dave Carroll had a bad experience with United Airlines and created several songs about the situation, which quickly went viral on social media including Twitter and ended up costing United Airlines millions of dollars. It is important for brands to post useful, relevant information and maintain a relationship with followers. If irrelevant or repetitive information is posted customers and potential customers will unfollow and dislike the post, brand and perhaps even the entire company.

The exponential growth of Twitter followers and social media users is incredible. Following a few individuals can quickly turn into millions of people following you or your brand. Twitter can be used to improve or develop a brand, individual or company’s reputation. Marketers can use Twitter to build trust, relationships and develop a strong follower base that increases awareness and potentially sales. In effect twitter users, be it an individual or multinational corporation is marketing themselves, intentionally or unintentionally they are spreading awareness.

Organizations can use twitter as a medium to get to know their customers. This can be achieved by posting company updates, sales promotions, and simply interesting and useful information about what the organization is doing and how it aims to reach its goals. I think Marketers should keep track of what is trending in their market niche and focus on what these individuals want and desire. This way a brand or organization can improve popularity and increase their customer base. I believe twitter is a great marketing tool and in this day an age an essential part of any business. Now that everyone has smartphones with twitter updating them wherever they are, it is paramount that businesses of every shape and size take advantage of this marketing, analyzing and relationship building platform. An up and coming entrepreneur, actor, or business looking for a breakthrough can use Twitter to market themselves and perhaps, several hashtags later achieve all of their dreams.

© 2017 takasugi


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