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Shakeup in the Smartphone Market and VoIP with Motorola's acquisition

Updated on August 16, 2011

Google's Acquisition of Motorola

The tech world was shaken up yesterday by Google's acquiring Motorola mobility - which refers to that section of Motorola which gave us the DROID and the Razr. It's a notable acquisition because amongst other things, we have a relatively new company taking over one of the oldest tech firms and one that was among the pioneers of the mobile era. No doubt this deal was fueled by Google's desire for Motorola's 17,000 patents which hopefully will stop Apple, Microsoft, and a lot of other tech companies from taking the easy way out and suing Android out of existence.

But the acquisition also opens up exciting possibilities for consumers. It's rumored that the antitrust regulators are looking closely at the Google deal. For our sake, let's hope that the deal goes through. Mobile consumers have been treated pretty badly by entrenched businesses so far and Google is known for breaking through such industries and making things better for the common person holding those phones.

Android is a very popular operating system. Unfortunately, there are many poor Android phones on the market. Like with its Nexus line, Google tries to make "model" phones which others can aspire to in order to show off what's possible. With Motorola at its side and cooperating, maybe every Motorola phone can be a Nexus phone!

Google's Motorola Acquisition
Google's Motorola Acquisition

As far as VoIP goes, it's no secret that restrictions imposed by the carriers and hardware manufacturers have sometimes conspired to give VoIP short shrift compared to other services. However, Google has been at the forefront of delivering capable IP services to consumers for free via its Google voice service and now that they have the hardware capabilities to match, they can indeed create the perfect VoIP phone.

Unlike a company like Apple which saw it necessary to cripple the iPod Touch by requiring a compatible headset to make the microphone work, Google will have every incentive to implement a proper SIP stack and make their phones as VoIP ready as possible including the hardware design for HD voice services. Perhaps we can look forward to new hardware which allows users to quickly switch between wifi and wireless radio - meaning that consumers can use the connection which saves them the most money.

In short, the Nexus S was the perfect Google phone from the software point of view. The hardware still had remnants of other manufacturers. But we can look forward to future Motorola phones as being the perfect Google phones overall.

The future of VoIP just got a shot in the arm with this news. Call your ITSP for affordable hosted SIP accounts today.


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