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Shopping in Jungceylon, Nokia still very noticeable

Updated on December 7, 2011

Jungceylon shopping Mall

Entrance to Jungceylon Mall
Entrance to Jungceylon Mall | Source

Quick post with a few photo's of a very thin TV and some Nokia Phones

Just thought I'd post a brief few words and photo's about my shopping trip in Patong, the intention was to buy a handbag for my daughter, the actual result was I wandered round the second floor for about and hour looking at tech !!

One thing I have noticed here in Thailand is that Nokia still has a very strong presence, I don't know if that is factual, or just my prejudiced view, but certainly may stores sell Nokia, and one of the store holders were quite impressed when they saw both my E7 and N9 when out shopping, and almost all the staff at my hotel, as well as the owner, Keith, all seem to use Nokia's ! I've only seen the N9 advertised in BKK, but have seen a few X7's and E5's that people have been using and most people seem to use Nokia feature phones. Samsung also seem to be very strong, but other manufacturers don't, at least from the trips I've taken don't have a massive presence, although there appear to be a huge number of obscure handsets resembling the iPhone :) I did see a couple of Apple stands, and MacBooks started at about 39,000 baht £850'ish

This isn't any sort of a review, just a few comments and photo's I took on my N9 whilst wandering about, so here they are, including a few shots of the streets around the centre.

Shots in and around Jungceylon

Fish 'Peticure' seems very popular in Thailand
Fish 'Peticure' seems very popular in Thailand | Source
Incredibly thin Samsung TV
Incredibly thin Samsung TV | Source
Samsung from the front
Samsung from the front | Source
Nokia's for sale
Nokia's for sale | Source
Another Nokia section at another phone stand
Another Nokia section at another phone stand | Source
Tuk Tuk stand outside Mall
Tuk Tuk stand outside Mall | Source


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