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Should I Buy Myself an iPad?

Updated on September 5, 2012

Should I Buy an iPad

The iPad. iPad 2, and now the new iPad 3. Are tablet computers that final little piece of technology needed to complete the perfect consumer lifestyle? Is the iPad your ideal, perfect tool for modern living? Is a tablet computer a vital piece of equipment for work? Are tablets a great way to carry around books, music and photos? Is the iPad a way of staying in touch with your favourite websites and social media sites? Or is it just like a giant iPhone that can't phone anyone and won't fit in your pocket?

In short, what you're asking is do I need a tablet? Should I buy the new iPad or not?



Tablet computers like the new iPad can be invaluable. They have a great many positive aspects, and some can be lgenuinely ovely to use, but be honest: you've managed without a tablet computer this far, so do you really need to buy an iPad?

One of the main pros of a tablet is how quickly they can be switched on. You're on the train for 20 minutes, or on a domestic flight for three quarters of an hour. Booting up a laptop takes about 5 minutes, as does shutting the thing down when you arrive. It's hardly worth the hassle, surely. In contrast, flipping on your tablet computer takes about 5 seconds and you can get to work straight away.

Portability is another strong plus: an iPad or any other tablet will be far more portable than even a small laptop. That's the key issue here- if you think of a tablet as a more poweful version of a smart phone, you'll probably end up thinking that the new iPad is not worth the money. If you think of the new iPad as a quicker, easier and more portable laptop, you'll probably conclude that they're well worth looking at.

Apps. From doula apps to apps for children to apps for the weather, e-readers, spotify, We7, traffic apps and apps to help you stop smoking, with the new iPad you can bet there's an app for that. The increased screen size and memory available on the new iPads makes the app experience so much better on an iPad than on your smart phone. They're great for games too- ideal for that short train journey or the next time your partner keeps you waiting for 10 minutes outside the dentist's office.

Style. They look great. You know you'd love one, and to be honest, they're a lot of fun to use. The user experience is always incredible with Apple products, and the new iPad is no different. Often this sort of decision is made with your heart and not your head- you might not absolutely NEED the new iPad, you could probably manage without one, and if you're brutally honest perhaps there are even other things you could be spending the money on than the new iPad. But you want one. It's a sharp bit of kit, and you want to get your hands on one. Can't blame you!

So... should I buy the new iPad? If you're reading this, the answer is probably "yes", spoil yourself, buy the new iPad.


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    • mamaloves2read profile image

      mamaloves2read 5 years ago

      I got the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but I prefer the Android market. I have friends that love the ipad though :) Any kind of pad is a very useful thing to have.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 5 years ago from UK

      On balance, I'd say you're probably right- it will always come down to budget though.

    • girlonfire profile image

      girlonfire 5 years ago

      I say definitely, if you have the budget for it.