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Should I Buy a 3D HDTV?

Updated on October 9, 2011

Are 3D HDTVs worth it in the current market?

Have you been to target, Walmart, or any stores that sell general home electronics? If you have then you would probably have noticed the emergence of the 3D Television, the latest technology to have hit the television market. No longer are you bound to movie theaters in order to watch great 3D movies like Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon. You can now have a full 3D experience in your own homes. Of course, the experience will not be quite the same as your television screen would obviously be significantly smaller. That said, it will still be awesome to watch some 3D action on your own sofa. In this article, we have a look at whether it is worth it to purchase your own 3D HDTV. Before we do so, let us go over the differences between plasma and LCD HDTVs. 3D TVs can come in the form of either type, although it has to be said that there are probably more LCD/LED 3D TVs than Plasma 3D TVs. From a general standpoint, the argument between plasma vs LCD TVs can be broken down into three main factors: speed, light, and size. Plasma TVs are better at handling fast motion pictures such as action movies and sports scenes. With LCD TVs, you may occasionally experience something called motion blurs. Plasma TVs also generally provide better value for money when it comes to TV size. That said, one should note that the larger the TV, the more electricity it will consume. Hence, make sure you go for one that is approved by the energy star label. Lastly, plasma TVs are not suited for bright light conditions. If you do place it in a sunny area then you would notice an effect called light glares. LCD TVs do not experience such effects. Therefore, always consider your house space before purchasing a new TV.

So now that you have a general idea of the different TVs, let us return to the main question. Is it worth getting a 3D TV now? Maybe. You see, most if not all the 3D TVs that are available in the market right now have great capabilities to show a 3D Movie. However, the problem does not lie with the TV technology. It lies with the movie producer. You will only gain a great 3D Movie experience if the movie developers put in the effort to create a great 3D experience. As of today, there are many great 3D titles but in all honesty, I would suggest you wait a couple more months or years until 3D technology is truly considered mainstream.

Here are a few great 3D Movie titles you may want to have a look at: Avatar, How to train your dragon, Journey to the center of the Earth, and Beowulf. Happy 3D watching!


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