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Setting Up A LinkedIn Profile - Should You Use Your Own Name or Business Name?

Updated on August 6, 2014

LinkedIn may be clearly identifiable as the most professional social media site, but that does not mean that your small work at home business is too small or not professional enough.

Businesses on LinkedIn come in all shapes and sizes and cover a broad range of industries.

As a small business owner you may have made the decision to establish a LinkedIn presence. You know you need to establish a personal profile however the thought may have crossed your mind as to whether you should be using your personal name or your business/company name for your LinkedIn Profile name.

I believe the answer is simple.

Always use your personal name. Here is why!

  • LinkedIn is a social media networking site for professionals. Not merely a catalogue of companies.
  • LinkedIn is a database of people who want connect and network with each other - whether it be via one on one discussions, through groups, or simply via the sharing of content.
  • If you want to share information relating to your business, do so under your personal profile. Be identified as the representative. Be the spokesperson for your business.
  • Set up a company page separately.

Using a business name on LinkedIn

If your profile name is your business name, who are people actually connecting with? Varying information being shared with your network is the name of the game. As you, you can share not only your own business updates, but also informative and relevant information that your connections share with you.

Using a business name almost creates a shield or barrier that you are hiding behind. This can potentially impact on trust and transparency.

  • Just like when you visit a bricks and mortar store, the customer service, or personal attention from a human being is important.

If you are a business owner and you want to register your company name on LinkedIn, instead of using your business/company name for your profile name, simply register your name in the LinkedIn Company Directory.

In this way, if people are searching for companies with your expertise, you can be found.

How To Set Up A LinkedIn Profile

As basic as the set up is, there are a few little tricks to setting up your Linked In profile which will not only help it rank in Google but also ensure you make the most of the free opportunity you are given to promote yourself.

Take a look at this easy to understand guide.

How To Choose A Good LinkedIn Photo

Now that you know the most appropriate method to name your profile, and how to set it up, you need to ensure that the photo you choose best represents and reflects who you are. Here are some tips to look at to make sure your photo is spot on!

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