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'Is it a Good Idea to Create a Blog?' 'Is it too saturated of a market?' 'What's the best service to start a blog with?'

Updated on April 9, 2017


"Should I make a Blog?" -You

If you have to ask yourself "Should I make a blog?," you probably already want to, and have an idea on where to start, but you're here looking for great reasons to do it and why not to do it. Let's get into those.

A blog is somewhere you express yourself. Most of the time a person expresses themselves by sharing their knowledge about a hobby, or interest. Sometimes businesses have blogs, like Hubpages--the website you're reading this on. They write about the future plans, and updates so that the writers, like me, know what's going on, and what new features have introduced. You blog, whether personal or professional should be about something you know, in and out. The blog I write is called The Essential Marketing Blog, and guess what I talk about. Basic level marketing techniques and tips. If your blog is going to be about shoes, then don't name it "Jimmy's Corner" or "Bob's Blog." Try something that does some of the work for you. "Shoe Central" is a good start. And before you start, make sure you're an expert. Don't want to get your Yeeze's, J's, Adidas', and Nike's mixed up.

Now you're an expert, and you want to create content, but are you willing, and motivated? What I mean is do you actually wanna do this? It's not easy to just to write a couple paragraphs and post. There is a lot more to blogging than most people think. When you were thinking about starting your blog, what did you think it was going to be like? Write for a few minutes, post, thousands, millions of fans even, all begging for the next post? Honestly, you could be Barrack Obama or Justin Beiber, and you wouldn't get that kind of treatment in the blogging world. There aren't any "big name" bloggers. The only time that you can talk about bloggers is when you're speaking to someone about a niche topic. And even then, blogging just isn't really a thing for most people. So understand that there is a low volume of readers, and a high volume of others trying to make it blogging.

That makes it sound like you aren't going to make it, but you will if you work hard and get educated on the topics required. First work hard. If you write more, and post more than anyone else, you're already creating the most content, and therefore creating the most opportunity for readers to find you. The next step is being more efficient with those opportunities and then once people click on your blogs, keeping there, and getting them to come back ever week, or day or whatever your posting schedule is to be.

How do you get people to come? Use clickbait titles and descriptions. How do you get them to stay? Enforce those clickbait titles and descriptions. At that point it's not clickbait, just a really interesting blog. That does't mean make things up and then make them happen, but it does mean be creative and stand out. Don't be just another car blogger. Don't just talk about the same old Mustang over and over again. Talk about the rare Delorian or something that you just don't see anymore. Really what I would recommend is to pick niche topic and stick to it. If you want to talk about multiple things, use multiple blogs. But having a unified brand is essential to creating a community around your topic.

So you are interested in something, so much so that you're an expert. You're really into helping people get into that topic or just want to talk about it in a way that hasn't been done before. You have some extra free time- 4-8 hours per week. (for weekly posts) And you also wanna make some extra income, eventually. You're into learning all about the online ecosystems that are at work bringing readers and consumers their content the most accurate way, so that you can use that system to your benefit. You then want to learn how to create a well written interesting blog, and then learn how to monetize it. Then you want to create content on a regular basis and start growing your blog. Your business. Your income. Then and only then should you create a blog.

Now your know that you know what to do, but... "Where and do I create a blog?" Should be coming into mind just about now.

Hey, I have a question!

What kind of blogging are you interested in?

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Blogger Blog

"Where do I create a blog?" -You(again, hopefully)

When deciding on where to create a blog, you should know that there are a few different options. First, you can create your own website and host it there, but that takes time and a bunch of money to get started. On the other hand you have a few different blog hosting websites that you can get started on for free, like Wordpress and Blogger--the two I'm gonna talk about mainly.

So you can create a website to be the most in control about what happens. But with control comes work, and a requirement of a certain technical knowledge. I'm not gonna go into details, but if you're gonna create a website, use Wix or Weebly. Both are quite powerful and easy to use website builders. You can monetize on your website by using brand integration--where a company pays you to talk about and show their product off to your views, or advertise--using Google Adsense. There are other ways, but those are the main two.

But if your want this to be simple, quick and easy, or you're lazy(er), you might want to use Wordpress or Blogger. But which? Well if you are 100% going to be blogging, no test period or anything, you're going to do it, and you have like ~$500 to invest, then use WordPress. But if you're in literally any other situation, use blogger. It's 100% free. Although, you can buy a domain name and use it, but that's like ~$12 per year for a '.com'. And with that, it's very user friendly, quite powerful, and you can easily integrate Google Adsense with Blogger to start making money blogging with the first post--with no initial investment.

Wordpress has a lot of features that Blogger doesn't but like I said, it does require an investment--you can't monetize without paying for Wordpress, as of now. But it does have a free starter version where you can start creating high quality, beautiful blog posts.

I would truly recommend Blogger for first time writers and bloggers. Why? Simply, it's free, and easy to use, and great for testing out whether or not you want to continue creating content. The only thing you can lose is a few hours playing around, writing a few posts.

Professional Blogger Writing

The Blogging Lifestyle (Conclusion)

So if you're reading this, you've probably decided to stick with trying out blogging. I have answered the questions: Should I start blogging and where is the Best place to start blogging?But now it's your turn. You need to go do the research, take notes, learn the best practices and commit to blogging. Post once a week, at least, and never stop. If it takes you 5 weeks to make a few cents, it will be worth it. Just knowing that you're setting yourself up for the future should be a great relief. Blogs are on the internet, and will stay there forever. And you posts will continue to make your money forever. Make the best content, and it will perform the best for you. Don't cut corners or pay will also be cut. And don't steal content. That's bad. Nobody likes that.

Enjoy writing. Enjoy building a business, and thanks for reading. I hope you've learned something--or a lot. Now I want to "pimp" my own blog and website out. First of all, my blog is the "" and my professional marketing consultation website is "" When you blog turns into a big business you might want to contact me.

How to Blog on - A Video Guide (Not me)


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    • maxravi profile image

      Ravi Singh 16 months ago from India

      I used Wordpress platform for creating my blog. It gives me so much flexibility and control. I would suggest self-hosted Wordpress blog for all serious blogger. Nice hub with relevant pics and video.