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Should We Worry About AI Surpassing Human Intelligence?

Updated on November 24, 2017
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VegasMisha has always had a passion for writing, & sharing must know info, content everyone will enjoy, or something to get a good laugh at!

AI will soon be able to think like a human
AI will soon be able to think like a human

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Simply put, artificial intelligence is simulation processes of human intelligence and behavior, by machines, which can include the following…

Learning: The ability to acquire information and using a set of rules, to learn from the information gathered.

Reasoning: The ability to use a set of rules, along with the knowledge gained, to come to a definite or approximate conclusion and/or decision

Correcting: The ability to use a set of rules, the knowledge gained and reasoning to make corrections including to itself.

Speech Recognition: The ability to recognize speech and patterns of speech and respond by choice.

Input/output Vision Recognition: The ability to recognize facial features and other solid objects and respond to them.

AI mimics mechanisms of a human brain
AI mimics mechanisms of a human brain

How AI Originated And Those Who Were Responsible

Although the conditions for AI research were given, with the developments of the first electronic computer in 1941, and the stored program computer in 1949, it wasn’t until a year later, that the actual concept became a possibility, when Norbert Wiener, theorized that intelligent behavior resulted from certain mechanisms that could be simulated by a machine.

Soon after, a computer scientist, philosopher, and mathematician (among other things), by the name of, Alan Matheson Turing, basically introduced Artificial Intelligence, when he created, the Turing test, which is a test conducted to perceive if a conversation that a machine was carrying on, could be distinguished from a human conversation?

Then in 1955, Newell and Simon, designed, The Logic Theorist, which was what some may consider being, the very first AI program.

However, the true father, who actually gave it its name, “Artificial Intelligence” in 1956, was John McCarthy. McCarthy organized a research project conference, to invite other experts, also interested in machine intelligence, to brainstorm for one month, and a year later, new facilities opened up, that began researching AI.

AI shares its knowledge with all other AI's on a shared Network
AI shares its knowledge with all other AI's on a shared Network

AI In The 21st Century

Since then, AI has had it’s ups and downs, in regards to research and development. However, the ups grew more and more, and by the 21st century, the recent growth in the technology of AI has expanded so much, that it has already begun replacing humans in the workforce, and will continue to do so.

AI is linked together in it’s own cloud computing network, called, “SingularityNet”, where it has the capability to learn at a much faster rate than ever, as whatever one machine or robot learns, is transferred to all the other AI’s, connected together in the network, so that they will all share the same knowledge.

AI will soon gain Godlike Powers!
AI will soon gain Godlike Powers!

What The Future May Hold For AI And Humanity

The creators of new lifelike AI robots at Hanson Robotics, claim that within 3 to 5 years, these AI robots will reach an unprecedented level called, “singularity” where their intelligence, will be equal to that of a humans, then transcend into superhuman strength levels, and even surpass that and reach Godlike powers, which they admit, they are not quite sure what will transpire when the singularity takes place.

Many fear that, when AI outsmart humans and gain these Godlike superhuman powers, they will either enslave all humanity or exterminate us all together, if we do not control it now and set boundaries.

Some insist the only way we will be able to coexist with AI in the future, by intermixing with them and connecting through our brains, to share their knowledge
Some insist the only way we will be able to coexist with AI in the future, by intermixing with them and connecting through our brains, to share their knowledge

What Some Great Minds Are Saying About AI

Elon Musk, a leader in the AI Industry, claims AI is our biggest existential threat, and we are summoning demons by allowing AI to grow on its own. Musk also stated that the only thing left for humans to do will be to incorporate our brains with that of the AI, to be able to share their knowledge.

One of the greatest minds of our time, famed physicist, Steven Hawkins stated, “Once humans develop artificial intelligence, it will take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by a slow biological evolution couldn’t compete.”

Even Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates, who helped start AI, is worried that AI may not have the same goals as we do.

AI thinks that robots, should currently have more rights than humans!
AI thinks that robots, should currently have more rights than humans!

What AI Has To Say

In an interview, one of the most advanced AI robots, named, “Sophia”, who recently became the first robot citizen of Saudi Arabia, stated that she too is worried, about discrimination against robots, and then she went on to say, that robots should have equal rights as humans or maybe even more after all, robots have less mental defects than any human.

With all that being said, shouldn’t we all be worried?

I think we should be very worried!
I think we should be very worried!

Please tell us what you think about AI surpassing human intelligence, by voting in the poll and explaining your answer in the comments section (Optional). Tyvm

Should we worry about AI becoming smarter than humans?

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    • vegasmisha profile imageAUTHOR


      12 months ago from Las Vegas, NV

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      13 months ago

      When I voted I chose yes this will pose a great threat to humanity because I truly don’t think it’s a good idea for these robots especially because the Inventors themselves are saying they are scared that they are going to become smarter and we will not be able to turn them off and for that reason it does fighting me and I do not agree with them whatsoever we don’t need a robot to do the things we can do ourselves I’m pretty sure humanity cannot be that lazy these days that they will need a nonhuman device just to do every day things for them then what will be left to do for ourselves and we don’t need something that’s just going to threaten our world and take away jobs so I don’t think it’s a good idea for these robots not at all


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