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Should You Buy A 3d Television?

Updated on April 5, 2013

Should You Buy a 3d Television

Should You Buy a 3d Television
Should You Buy a 3d Television | Source

Three D TV

Should You Buy a 3d Television

Should You Buy a 3d Television

Have you seen these three dimensional televisions at your favorite retailer? The televisions are sold at many electronics stores and the prices vary depending on the size of the screen. The impressive part is that three dimensional television can play several different formats. Blue Ray movies and three dimensional formats are keen on these televisions There are some games as well for this television type and Sony PlayStation three has games and movies ready for your wallet. The games are impressive and will possibly give you a headache fairly quickly . I say this because three dimensional television is addictive. There is nothing like having a character coming out from the screen and reaching for you.

I recently went to my neighborhood retail store and had to check out these televisions and I have to say , I want one. Is it a necessity, no. It’s a want, but like any other product out there for sale like IPod’s and IPhone’s, these are wants. If you have the money to spend and live in a desolate area as I do, these are actually a have to have item. In the desert where I live this is the only entertainment we have. Well, I guess you could drink and smoke yourself to oblivion , and I have already done that so this is the next best thing. A new addiction that will possibly cause brain tumors and such from usage of these products is always something to look forward to down the line.

Amazon has a few of these televisions for sale, for instance the . LG Infinia 47LW6500 47-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 240 Hz LED HDTV with Smart TV (Included: Four Pairs of 3D Glasses) is a great buy for less than two thousand dollars and what a television. I will list it on this page for you to see. These televisions come with everything to take your mind out of this world and into another dimension. You have to want one of these cause you don’t have one.

If you buy the television you need the surround sound and the Sony HT-CT150 3D Sound Bar System is a great system to look at for added entertainment for this three dimensional television setup. Now you have the best of several worlds in your home entertainment room. You must have the sound that will rock you neighbors hood down, and of course not on purpose, but for the full effect. You may settle down for some decent Bose headphones so you don’t have the neighbors over watching television with you every night is a great idea once I think about it.

Whatever you decide to do these items are must haves, not wants. For a guy like me in Midland, Texas, ( where the hell is that?). Well these are made for us , out in the oil patch. Here in my little town we have Ferraris and Maserati’s just like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, because that is what we are, is a little rich town in the desert. If you live in the city you don’t need this junk. There are things to do in your town.


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    • TAW Global profile image

      TAW Global 6 years ago

      The reason you don't like wearing 3D glasses is due directly to the manufacturers not spending enough time to develop a comfortable pair of glasses.

      This 3d glass maker....

      is known to produce designer eyewear. And they focused on more comfort and how well they work with prescription glasses.

    • VictorG profile image

      VictorG 6 years ago from USA

      What with all the 3d stuff these days, like 3d movies, phones, and televisions, I would be lying if I said I had not concerned purchasing one. I remember the days were the only way you could get 3d effects is if you used 3d glasses, so being able to offer a similar sort of experience without having to wear those funny looking glasses is awesome!