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Tips for Choosing a Shower Radio

Updated on September 28, 2011

The Shower Radio, Improving Your Mornings One Shower at a Time

A shower radio can allow you to enjoy music, talk radio, and news while showering. Sure most electronic devices can't tolerate moisture, but these tough little radios are waterproof and are the perfect companion in the shower, in the sauna, or hottub.

On this page you'll find some nice waterproof shower radios to consider while learning more about the features available and how to go about choosing the right one.

Buying Tips

A waterproof shower radio is a battery operated device that should resist any damage due to moisture from steam, splashing, and so forth. When shopping, here are a few things to think about when making your selection:

  • Size and Space
    You'll need to think about your shower a bit. Some shower radios are larger than others and certainly some showers are also larger than others. You need to have space for the radio you choose. Closely related to this, is how the radio will reside in your shower. Some are designed purely to sit on a shelf or in a shower caddy. Some will hook over a shower head or towel rack. Others have a mount for screwing them into the wall or via attaching it with suction cups.
  • Waterproofing
    The most durable of these devices will not just be water resistant, but fully waterproof. In such cases having passed industry standards should assure users that it will withstand a good dousing. You can look for information that indicates the shower radio meets JIS or IPX standards.
  • Controls
    For ease of use, you will want large controls. Nearly all of these radios allow you to adjust the volume and tune in stations of course. But you may also want station presets, auto seek functions, a timer, an alarm, and so forth.
  • A Display
    Many of these devices include a display that will show the station currently playing. Some may also display the name of the song or perhaps the time. You'll want to know that the display is large enough to easily read. A high contrast display that is backlit is particularly nice.
  • Listening Options
    If you want a shower radio that offers you plenty of listening options they are available. Some include both AM and FM radio, but others will also provide a weather band. Some may include a docking station for an MP3 player or the ability to play CDs. Keep in mind that playing CD's will result in greater power consumption (batteries).
  • Other
    Certainly dual speakers tend to provide better sound than a single speaker. In addition a speaker on the front of the device will project the sound out to you better than one with speakers on the top or back.

    Some of these shower speakers will also have a fog free shower mirror for those who like to shave in the shower.


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    • Ann Nonymous profile image

      Ann Nonymous 7 years ago from Virginia

      Oh my goodness! I remember years ago one of my brothers wanted one of these but we never let him get one but he sings soooo much in the shower and so loud the neighbors could probably hear it. We didn't want to take any risks with him singing off tune with the latest artists!

      But more recently I have thought how nice it wold be to listen to music while lathering up the shampoo!

      Good job, mulberry!

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      I spend too much time in there now. :) Nice hub.