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Silicone Case for Nokia E7

Updated on May 24, 2011
'Naked' E7 keyboard open
'Naked' E7 keyboard open
'Naked' E7 back
'Naked' E7 back
Case package and code
Case package and code
Both parts of silicone case waiting to be fitted.
Both parts of silicone case waiting to be fitted.

Need to stop the slippage !

I recently won a Nokia E7 handset from Nokia , which I was both extremely pleased and proud about :) This is not a phone review, it's just a quick post to mention a possible solution to a potential problem. From a personal point of view, I find the E7 a joy to use and thoroughly enjoy it, the build quality is superb and I enjoy the overall UI of the phone, there are 100's of reviews, video's and opinions on the phone and on Nokia throughout the web, so my personal opinion is really just a drop in the ocean, the reason for this little piece of amateur bloggery (if that's a word) is simply going back to the build quality of the phone, it's basically a solid piece of aluminium, and as a result is quite slippery !

I have been a mobile phone user for longer than I care to remember, and a Nokia user for well over 10yrs, and up until now have never used a case of any kind on a mobile phone, I don't really like them, and either by good luck or care I have rarely dropped of damaged a mobile handset, but the E7 is the slipperiest little sucker I've ever owned, and probably the most expensive, and although I've never dropped it in the first three months of use, I have, on occasion, felt like I might and once or twice felt it begin to slip. So after checking the web for a couple of weeks to find anything at all (the handset is very new and accessories are few and far between) I finally found this , and at the price, thought it was worth a try, as a possible solution to my fears.

The GreyMobiles Smoke Black Gel Skin Case For Nokia E7 arrived within a couple of days and for the price, you can't really go wrong. It basically does what it says on the tin, it fits quite well, although adds both bulk (to a very slim device) and caused a very slight gap between the screen and phone where it slides open, it is very slight, but I wonder what effect long term use will have on the sprung action of the sliding mechanism, also the upper half of the case which surrounds the phone screen does slightly impair use of the top row on the QWERTY keyboard, it's still useable but feels a little awkward. The only other problem I've found is that the Camera and Menu keys are much harder to press with the cover on. That said, the gel case does fit quite well, all the required cut outs are there and correctly positioned, it does feel more 'secure' in the hand and there is no problem placing or removing the phone in or out of the front pocket of my jeans.

I'm going to persevere with the case for a few days and see if I can live with it, it does detract quite a bit from the beauty of the phone, but probably not as much as a smashed Amoled screen or a dented or scratched aluminium case, so I'll carry on, if I don't like it , I've lost a couple of quid, if I can live with it , then maybe it will prevent me damaging my favourite toy nad companion, so the compromise will be worth while :)

Right, just need to work out how to add photo's and I can sign off !!


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