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Silicone Covers, Sleeves and Cases for the Kindle Fire

Updated on May 19, 2012

When I received my (wonderful) Kindle Fire last Christmas, the first thing I did was hop on Amazon and see what silicone covers were available for my new and awesome toy. Over the years I've come to love silicone covers, cases, and sleeves the best for my electronic devices as they offer protection, design, durability, and don't irritate my skin when I hold them for long periods of time. Thus I was pretty put off when I couldn't find a single silicone sleeve or cover on Amazon that was made for the Kindle Fire - every other Kindle, yes, but not yet the Fire!

I ended up getting a different case (that I am very happy with) but this month I decided to look for a silicone cover again. To my delight there were now dozens of options on Amazon, so I started shopping around. Here are my top picks for those looking for good silicone covers for their Kindle Fire.

Orange Version
Orange Version | Source

Cosmos silicone soft protection case cover

The example to the right is the exact product I ended up buying after shopping around for a bit. Cosmos' silicone protection case comes in seven different colors and is optimized for the Kindle Fire. The price also can't be beat at $4.99 (although the shipping costs more than it's literally worth). I've purchased from Cosmos before for other accessories and knew they were punctual and that I would get exactly what was advertised. The cover slipped right on without much fuss and fits snugly. The cover was even thin enough that I could slip the whole thing into the original faux-book case I had for it already.

Cosmos includes a free Cable Tie with every silicone protection case. User reviews are also highly favorable with almost all of them in the 5 Stars range. Definitely recommended.

Pros: Good price. Company is valid and reliable. Come with freebies.

Cons: There are cheaper and even more colorful options out there.

Green Version
Green Version | Source

Skique Silicone Skin Case

Skique offers only five colors currently in silicone covers, but they're darker shades than you'll find anywhere else and the company offers bundle packs including the cover, leather faux-book covers, and screen protectors. You can buy either all pink, all blue, all green, all black, all white or even mix and match a pink silicone case with a blue leather cover. Keep in mind though that the silicone covers look a bit thicker than usual, which is great if you're looking for extra shock absorbency but not if you want to fit it into another apparatus made specifically for the Kindle Fire. The few reviews available for these products are favorable and high.

The silicone covers themselves cost about $7.86. Bundled they cost about $12.95 which is a great deal.

Pros: Carry darker shades and colors such as black. Can be bought in bundle packs that include leather covers, styluses, felt sleeves, screen protectors, and just about any other accessory you can think of.

Cons: A little more expensive. The covers are a bit thicker than usual and may not fit into other covers with them on it.

Yellow Version
Yellow Version | Source

Cbus Wireless Silicone Case / Skin / Cover

Finally, for the spend thrifts, there's the Cbus Wireless silicone case that is only $2.99. They also come in rarer colors such as yellow (seen right) and baby pink as well as the standards. Even cooler, if you're looking for a little wholesale or have a lot of people to buy for, you can buy color sets for $15.99 or all the colors for $31.99 at once. Looks like for the color sets that your'e limited to the two they have pre-picked, so if you're buying for family and they want specific colors you're better off buying them separately.

Pros: Some of the cheapest available. Come in rarer colors such as yellow.

Cons: No reviews available.

Thankfully, there are now a lot of options out there for those looking for a colorful silicone case for their Kindle Fire. What you get will depend on what color you want, as well as your price range and if you want anything else bundled with it. Provider will also be a factor. As I mentioned before, I bought the orange Cosmos cover and have been very happy with it. Hopefully in the future there will be even more designs to come, and if there are, we'll be all over them!


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