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Silly Reasons that Triggered People Online

Updated on July 30, 2017

I must be getting old, because I don’t know what a snowflake is. Yes, it is what you get during winter; you know the thing that falls from the sky. At least that’s what I thought. As it turns, being called a snowflake meant you are an ultra-sensitive person. And speaking of sensitivity, I just heard that young adults in 2010 are often seen as the Generation Snowflake. I’m not sure if it’s true, and maybe it’s just a generalized term by the older generation. In this day of information, Millennial Generations have evolved to have skins of armour.

But then I saw what’s in the social media.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all Millennials are cry-babies. But with what I’m seeing in social media you will have a hard time proving that. I mean there are many good reasons to be angry. When someone or something offended you, you will get angry. The problem is a lot of people seem to be offended by the silliest of stuffs. So silly that it is now laughable and foolish, and childish all the same.

Yup, people find this offensive
Yup, people find this offensive

Getting triggered by a fidget spinner

To anyone who is curious, a fidget spinner is a type of toy with a central bearing and flat lobed structure. This little device is designed to spin with little effort. People use this to cope with fidgeting and there are claims that it could increase focus and decrease stress. I’m not sure how true this is and I rather read a book to cure my own stresses. But even I have to admit that it is a neat little toy, and I even saw one in a social media that resembles a Harry Potter snitch (just look above).

And as a Potterhead myself, I think I want one.

Now that Snitch spinner really caught my interest, and I first scanned the comment area to get clues on the price. Yet what I found is a collection of hateful comments telling the world how much they loathed the thing:

He's angry alright.
He's angry alright.
And here's another one
And here's another one

I found the comments stupid because many are non-constructive and bitter. One even said we should give to charity instead (and he paid for it later on).

So who's the boss now?
So who's the boss now?

I like to tell everyone to chill down as it is just a toy, an inanimate object that got nothing to do with their angers in life. But seeing their comments, I think they need an anti-stress spinner themselves.

Getting triggered by self-defence classes

This made my head scratch. I understand why people are getting fed up by charlatan dojos that peddle unrealistic and pricey self- defence classes. They do deserve all the hate after-all. But how come people are so affected by the mere mention of self-defence classes?

I’m not really familiar with the backlash Ms. Nevada (Nia Sanchez) received when she mentioned how women should learn to defend themselves. I only became aware of that just a week ago after seeing a curious comment on a social media page. Now this page promotes women’s rights, and it posted a news clip of how a girl got molested in a vehicle. One follower commented that she must take martial arts or carry a defensive tool, like a pepper spray for protection. Some agree, while a few expressed their disapproval by saying it will just worsen the situation and it won’t help.

She doesn't agree that self defense will empower women
She doesn't agree that self defense will empower women

How come? News on how women beat their assailant to a pulp crowds the news. Then I saw Ms. Nevada’s story, and the many ill remarks that self-defence lessons promote rape culture.

Some reactions on Ms. Nia's self defense advocate
Some reactions on Ms. Nia's self defense advocate

Stupidity is becoming a norm if you ask me.

Triggered by a ripped person

Yes, by reading the comment section of the article about the massive Martyn Ford, I came to realize how insecure humans are. In this day and age people are so insecure that they will do anything to discredit anyone.

People should be inspired (or not)
People should be inspired (or not)
Aren't you a bit old to be insecure?
Aren't you a bit old to be insecure?

We will never know if it is steroids or not but the allegations are pointless without a good evidence. And they are supposed to be grown-ups.

Triggered by grilled crab

I love crabs, and watching those creatures roast in the grill makes my mouth water. I could already smell it in my desk! But isn’t it a bit stupid to clamour for crab rights? For the people commenting in the video, we have animal rights for dogs, cats and humane killing for livestock. And now the internet mob is screaming for the rights of the hapless crabs being roasted in the video.

Okay this is making me hungry
Okay this is making me hungry | Source
Don't worry, they didn't die in vain
Don't worry, they didn't die in vain

Some suggested those crabs must be killed humanely, that roasting them alive is wrong and doing such thing is barbaric. Who knows if one day the internet animal activists will push for the rights of ants and roaches.

Triggered by balanced diets

I really have idea why vegans are hated. If all they want is to eat their vegetables, let it be! They could consume all the greens they want as I enjoy my burger in my favourite food stand. And lately I’m following this fitness page in social media that teaches people correct exercise. I love the page for it suggests physical activities for people of all genetics, whether you are skinny, chubby or buffed. These guys are experts and one time they posted on their page how meat will build you, while vegetables will keep you healthy. By the sound of it the post is non-offensive and informative. Then the vegans attacked, insisting that people should stick to plants for food.

This looks like an innocent post
This looks like an innocent post
Hear the so called expert
Hear the so called expert

Some people in the comment section tried to reason out with them but they kept on forcing their belief into them, not realizing that they contribute to the vegan hate.

Triggered by Pope Francis

This is human stupidity at its grossest. Now what kind of people will be triggered by a progressive and pious leader of a world-wide church? As much as I know, the pope is doing his best to reform the church, and he did have several critics along the way. I understand if the hate comes from mistakes or criticisms as the man is not perfect. But please don’t resort to bogus claims about him being a leader of an apocalyptic movement that will hasten the end of the world.

And here goes the haters
And here goes the haters

Yup, you heard it, the man is evil and he will lead the army that will send us to hell.

And I thought that the internet is making us smarter.

Triggered by Christmas greetings

I didn’t know that Scrooge existed! It’s the time of the year where families get together, exchange love and messages of peace. In some Catholic country crimes even go down (to nothing sometimes). I’m not sure if these people had a rough childhood, or they don’t receive gifts or something. But using a fake social media account, they spread their saltiness in the internet without an idea how people laugh at their backs.


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    • Mamerto profile imageAUTHOR

      Mamerto Adan 

      2 years ago from Cabuyao

      FlourishAnyway agree! With an online account people are bolder to be angry now.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      There is such venom these days. People just need to chill. I can't imagine hating vegans, for instance. Online activity makes it worse with anonymity.

    • Mamerto profile imageAUTHOR

      Mamerto Adan 

      2 years ago from Cabuyao

      Thanks Lindsay! And I think you are right. I revisited the pages where I saw those comments and guess what, there are people who are older than us. Yes, middle agers indeed. I think they are an irritable type, judgmental to young people, or simply a member of an extremist leftist/rightist group.

      Anyway may this be a lesson to everyone, including me :)

    • Lindsay Langstaff profile image

      Lindsay Langstaff 

      2 years ago

      While some of these comments are from millennials, many are also from the middle-aged and elderly. I certainly agree that people are far too sensitive today, but I'm fairly confident it is not just the millennial generation.

      In retail and food service, the most easily triggered people are the middle-aged and elderly. If they do not get exactly what they want, you must be prepared to get screamed at. I have not been harassed by a millennial, but I have been yelled at by the middle-aged and elderly because they are unable to understand how to read a coupon.

    • Mamerto profile imageAUTHOR

      Mamerto Adan 

      2 years ago from Cabuyao

      Thanks for the comment Tamara! I really appreciate it. And hopefully no one was offended with my post LOL :)

    • profile image

      Tamara Moore 

      2 years ago

      How dare you write this post! LOL...Yes, very good article. A unique post on people getting "triggered" online. I found this to be fascinating and very helpful. Ohh! Cute baby!! Ha ha....

      Hugs from Tamara


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