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Simple And Quick Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Updated on October 25, 2014

Are we focusing too much on blog traffic?

Hi all! It's Sunday today (+8 GMT) and thought of writing something simple. Here goes and enjoy your weekend guys!

Nearly every weblog writer across the globe is keen about people to their blog sites. With regards to traffic, there are various tactics bloggers and website owners are able to do to increase the visitors to their blog site. With lots of methods out there, do you know the best tactic to increase traffic to your blog?

Bloggers (including me) loves to have traffic which can breakdown servers.
Bloggers (including me) loves to have traffic which can breakdown servers.

Content & SEO matters

1. Generate awesome contents

Writing great content articles are already a household name for most bloggers. In reality, it is actually one of the better ideas to improve blog traffic. Writing good content will help make sure that audience will return for more. Firstly, you do not want to have posts which may have very less importance in it. Writing content (or even more articles) that has low quality content will drive readers away. Ultimately, you are not likely to increase traffic on your blog anytime soon.

2. SEO or Internet Search Engine Optimizations

This is often a common error in judgement within blog writers. Many webmasters don't understand the power of SEO or online search engine optimizations. Honestly speaking, nearly all author make this mistake at least once; which is highlighting too much on SEO. SEO, building back links and create good backlinks are operations which will take time to expand. Centering too much on SEO will not likely increase your traffic immediately. For that matter, rushing into SEO could actually backfire and result in a drop in site visitors. Concentrating on SEO is not recommended in early stages of operating a blog as bloggers will tend to be less reader-oriented and therefore, with a big possibility to lose a lot of opportunities.

Bad SEO methods and evil banners

3. Stay clear of black hat SEO

Another very significant area to enhance traffic is to avoid spammy SEO. Many bloggers and writers discuss in this particular topic year after year now and yet, many people who still opt the black hat SEO way. Google happens to be changing their algorithm quarterly and they're going to create many issues especially with those practises while using the illegal solutions to create back link. In return, this will trigger many penalties or even a possible ‘sandbox’ position on your website.

4. Increase traffic by cutting down advertisement banners

Let’s face it. No reader would like to explore the blogs which have been stuffed with advertisements. If you would like construct a blog who has good traffic, then start lowering the quantity of banners which you have in your blog. Through my knowledge, it is advisable to have at most 3 banners for promotions for one article. Having above three banners will project a look that is look very irritating in my honest impression.


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  • point2make profile image

    point2make 4 years ago

    Thank you for the great tips nicregi I appreciate the help. It can be a long and continuous struggle to build traffic and most of us can use all the hep we can get. Thanks again.

  • Tricia1000 profile image

    Tricia1000 4 years ago from South Africa

    Thanks I enjoyed reading your tips. I agree that blogs should not have too many advertisements.