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Simple Steps to Convert a Flash Drive into Bootable

Updated on November 6, 2012

Change is the only thing which never changes, so does technology. Everyday some improvement in technology takes place and helps the human race to enjoy optimum comfort. Netbook is one among that. You need not carry your heavy laptop everywhere for your business meetings. This portable notebook is lightweight and easy to carry. But these notebooks don’t come with a disk drive. When the preloaded OS is corrupted or doesn’t meet your requirements, you need to go in search of external hard drive to restore it. A simple solution to avoid such situation is to have a bootable flash drive.

A USB drive is not a bootable one as such. It has to be configured to load OS.

Following are the simple steps to convert a USB flash drive into bootable drive.

•Connect your flash drive to your desktop or laptop and format it in NTFS.

•Open command prompt in your Computer by one of the following ways

oClick Start, go to All programs, click accessories and open Command Prompt


oType ‘CMD’ in the search menu in Start and press Ctrl + Shift+ Enter


oOpen RUN (press windows key + R), type ‘CMD’ and hit Enter

•Enter following in the Command Prompt

DISKPART (then hit Enter)

LIST DISK (then hit Enter)

•All the disk number will appear on the screen. Now enter the disk number of your flash drive.

•Now type ACTIVE in the Command Prompt to make your USB drive active. Command Prompt will now display that your drive is active

•Type EXIT to leave the Command Prompt

•Insert the OS disc into the disc drive

•‘bootsect.exe’ must be installed to create boot sector in your USB drive. This .exe file is available with the OS

•Now open the Command Prompt and enter the following

F: CD BOOT (then hit Enter. F - Disk drive location, replace it with the location of your CD/DVD drive location)

CD BOOT (then hit Enter)

‘BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 G:’ (G - location of the USB flash drive. Replace it with the location of your USB flash drive)

Your flash drive is now a bootable USB drive. Copy the OS in the CD to the flash drive. Now you can install OS in your netbook without any hassle.


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