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Simple Tips to Increase Your Site's Visibility

Updated on March 12, 2010

A webpage is the best way to indicate your existence or that of your business online. We need to write content or provide the same in one or the other way. When doing this over and over again, we have one intention in common. That is, to be popular or at least make our pages visible to the people or readers by making it visible to the search engines and others. So, improving your sites' visibility is all about obeying certain proven facts and implementing the same on your web pages. There are a lot of tips and tricks available all over the net for free or as paid courses. But no one actually knows the perfect formulae by which a search engine puts your pages in the top of the search engine results pages, better known as SERPs. But it is always possible to follow some of the proven techniques to improve your site's visibility even though you don't agree with all things the Gurus put forward.

So it is needed to make the short list of requirements for your site to gain increased visibility without taking years of time waiting, but still a few days or months in most of the cases. I am not going to repeat the same thing “Content is king”. Of course, you and I know that very well. Again, I have to tell some thing more about the same. Just provide content which are in demand by a lot of the people. This may include evergreen topics, hot trends, search trends and even emerging trends. Tracking what people are searching for is the best way o come up with good contents.

Building backlinks is again a fact that we have already heard enough. Building or getting a chunk of links from a variety of links won't skyrocket your website's reputation and sometimes, it may have an adverse effect on your reputation and pagerank and similar factors. So the right way is all about getting the most link juice from the most relevant websites, and building your domain trust are most crucial as far search engines are concerned.

Doing SEO never means writing content for search engines. You should always write for the people who are in search for the solution to one or more of their problems. If you are able to provide them what they want, then you succeed in both of the aspects. That's all. As you are writing content for people, it's your duty to impress them with any extras so that you can ensure that they would be in touch with you all the time. I mean, providing them with free Ebooks, free downloads of useful stuffs, etc. may make your visitors come back to you.

If you succeed in these things mentioned above, then the rest of the tasks would be a kind of fun for you. Because you have already built a strong base with improved visibility, to your web pages. 


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