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Simple Tricks For Improving iPhone Battery Life

Updated on May 23, 2017

The Following Ways To Up Your Iphone’s Battery Life:

1. Brightness: This is the first thing you should check if low battery is an issue you face frequently. Lowering the brightness is the easiest and perhaps the most effective way to save battery. In the Settings, go to Wallpapers & Brightness. Decrease the brightness and see the battery life increase.

2. Unsuitable temperature: The surroundings of the phone is also another factor that affects the battery life. Protect your device from extreme temperatures as much as possible. Avoid placing it under direct sunlight too. Try to keep it in room temperature most of the time.

3. Floating Wallpapers: The fancy wallpapers surely look attractive. But on the downside, they drain the battery. Save some charge by using photos or simple wallpapers.

4. Automatic updates: The automatic update feature is definitely convenient and a good time saver too. But what many people don’t realize is that quite a lot of the battery is consumed in this process. To turn off this feature, go to Settings and then iTunes & App Store.

5. Apps: Try to find the reason if your iPhone’s battery gets drained quickly. In iPhones having iOS 8, it is possible to see what all apps use the battery. This can be known by going to the Settings, then Usage, followed by Battery Usage. Here, a breakdown is available and you can see all the apps that are using the battery. Now that you can see which apps drain the battery, close the unnecessary ones that simply waste the charge


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