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Simple steps of Installing Kobo Desktop App on a Mac

Updated on April 13, 2016

Installing the Kobo Desktop App

  1. Navigate to

2. Click Download Now on the page that the link will bring up.

Note: The web page will detect if you are using a PC or Mac to access and will adjust the download link automatically. If it doesn't and you download the wrong version please restart the computer and try again.

Locating and running the Kobo Setup

You will now look on your Mac device for the app you have just downloaded on it. See steps below in locating it.

4. Locate the downloaded file (kobosetup.dmg)

Note: If you double click on the kobosetup.dmg file you will skip step 5-6.

5. Right click on the file name.

6. Click Open.

7. Drag the icon over to the Applications Folder and wait for the file to finish being copied into the application folder. After this is done you will now re ready to install/ open the files so that you can see your books from Kobo.

Note: If you double click on the Application folder you don't have to go to the Finder folder and it will skip steps 9-10. it will open up to the application folder just by double clicking on the Application Folder.

8. Go to Finder and open a new window

Opening up the Kobo Desktop

9. Open the Applications folder by clicking on it in the menu on the left of the Finder window.

10. Double click the It will open up and ask you to sign in or sign up.

After clicking on the it will take a few seconds to load up and then open up to the page that you have been waiting for.

11.Click either Sign in to your account or Shop for new books.

If sign in was click it will ask you to sign in, you will insert you Kobo email and password in the two slut that will appear

Note: No other email and password will work in these two sluts.

See link below for syncing books to your Sony Ereader:


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    • tamotaylor profile image

      Daniel Frazer Taylor 20 months ago from Long lane, Anchovy

      This will save you the time of calling in every time the Kobo App loops updates