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Skype Keyboard Shortcuts: Discover the Best of Skype

Updated on February 2, 2012
Skype Chat Software
Skype Chat Software

Skype is one of the most popular online chat software that millions of people use daily. It is a really powerful and easy to use software for video, voice, and text chatting.

If you are one of those Skype users, you may like to know some of its shortcuts. Let’s see what are these Skype keyboard shortcuts and how can we use them.

Enabling Skype Keyboard Shortcuts

Before using these Skype keyboard shortcuts you need to enable this option. To do this, go to Tools > Options > Advanced Settings > Hotkeys.

Then check the “Enable Keyboard shortcuts” option. You can select your own custom hot keys for several “Actions”. To assign hotkeys, select the action and click “Change selected shortcut” and assign new set of keys.

Enabling Skype Keyboard Shortcuts
Enabling Skype Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Once you followed above steps you are ready to use keyboard shortcuts of Skype. Here are them.

Calling Options:

  • Alt-PageUp Answer a call
  • Ctrl-Alt-PageUp Answer a call with video
  • Alt-PageDown Reject or Hang up a call


  • F6 Jump to Quickfilter
  • Esc Clear Quickfilter

Chat Window of Skype:

  • Ctrl+W Close or hide chat window
  • Ctrl+F Find in chat history
  • F3 or Shift-F3 Find Next/Previous match

Main Skype Window:

  • Ctrl+Q Exit Skype
  • Ctrl+W Hide main Skype window
  • Ctrl+U Show or Hide Offline Contacts
  • Ctrl+E Switch between Events History and Contact list

Chat Commands of Skype:

  • /add skypename Add the Skype user to this chat (Ex: /add Hermann)
  • /help Show a list of available commands
  • /history Show the history for a chat
  • /find text Find messages containing “text” in the chat

More Skype commands are available at Skype support website.

Hidden Skype Emoticons

Emoticons are one of an interesting feature in chatting. There are number of emoticons in Skype. However some of them are hidden. You need to use special commands to use them. Here are the hidden Skype emoticons.

Skype Hidden Emoticons
Skype Hidden Emoticons

There are another two commands as (mooning) and (finger) hasn’t mentioned here due to their obscene nature.

These Skype keyboard shortcuts and hidden Skype emoticons will help you to enjoy the most out of Skype while using this great software efficiently.


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