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Skype VS Axvoice - Choosing the right VoIP provider

Updated on September 28, 2011

Internet phone services vary in great deal. Many people after seeing this review would argue that Skype and Axvoice are VoIP providers but of different type. There is no doubt about that fact but still the basic utility that you derive from both these phone services is the same. Here is a look at both these VoIP services as to see which one offers great utility for the investment made.

Service quality

Service quality of a phone is largely dependent on the reliability. After using many services in the past, I feel that the first preference in selecting a phone service should be given to the quality of service offered by a VoIP provider. What good is a service if it is not reliable? Phone is a piece of equipment that is used in case of emergencies as well. While using Axvoice and Skype over an extended period of time, I found both of them offering excellent quality phone service. There weren’t any reliability issues that I faced.

Configuration and setup

Configuration and setting up of the modern phone can be easy or extremely difficult. It all depends on how intelligently the whole system has been built up by the phone service provider. Always ensure that you are opting for a service whose phone system is easily installable. Axvoice is set up through the traditional ATA system of VoIP while Skype is totally based on computer. But still, both are easy to use and there aren’t any particular issues that I faced in installing anyone of them. Physically however, Skype is a bit easier to install.

Call quality

Skype and Axvoice, both offer good quality phone service. I made phone calls to people in the US and the UK. The initial idea was to test the voice. Local calls are better in quality in both services; however, when I make international calls, the difference becomes more evident. Axvoice offers a steady calling experience without any hiccups or interruptions. Skype on the other hand has some serious problems with it. I experienced disconnections, echoes, and even noise at some point in time due to which I disliked the experience of making long distance calls on Skype.

International calling rates

Skype is such a big name and it should be competitive in terms of calling rates, but it isn’t. The international calling rates are pretty when compared with any other VoIP services’ calling rates. I was first shocked to find that but thankfully, Axvoice is better in this regard. The calling rates that it offers are highly competitive and ensure that you call anywhere in the world without burning holes in your pocket.

Features of service

In terms of features, both Axvoice and Skype are really competitive. After having a complete look at both these services, I found out that both were offering excellent quality features which would definitely add more value to both these services. At the end, the differences between Axvoice and Skype may be very minute but still Axvoice is a better choice for me. It is less costly for international calls, has slight edge over call quality, therefore, I recommend Axvoice.


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    • profile image

      Eddy Munoz 

      7 years ago

      This is a fact. Most of the VoIP service providers don't depend on skype. Skype is mostly used by the teens for their social activities. The majority of the serious users use VoIP via ATA on their phone sets. In that way, they don't need to keep their computer on for ever.

    • profile image

      Joey Tierno 

      7 years ago

      It is true. Most of the people use skype just to kill their time. They install the free version of Skype for their online friends and start their useless activities. Serious and mature businessmen never use that unreliable software. Majority of them prefers other VoIP service providers like Axvoice etc.

    • profile image

      Dave Hammill 

      7 years ago

      I don't know a lot about Axvoice but I have left skype one year ago. My experience with skype has not been good at all. It slows down your system within days. Every week, you have to install your windows from the scrap. That makes things quite annoying when don't have time for such activities.

    • soni2006 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rajinder Soni 

      7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      It's my pleasure sarovai. I admit that Axvoice is not as popular as Skype if we talk globally but the call quality, price, and many other things I have personally experienced with Axvoice have led me to write this review so that other people searching the right provider for their Voip usage can get benefit.

    • sarovai profile image


      7 years ago

      I used to use skype. But for the international calls , the same experience what you had experienced. Axvoice , I ever tried. I hope it will be the best alternative for skype.Thank u for your review about Axvoice.


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