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Sleep Better Runtastic Android App

Updated on December 27, 2014

Sleep Better from Runtastic


Sleep Better - Tracking and Determining Quality of Sleep

Sleep Better App offers an effortless and charming way to improve your sleep quality if you struggle to fall asleep. It can track your sleep, improve your bedtime habits and even monitor your dreams.

Sleep Better will track certain variables for monitoring the sleep. They include:
• Sleep duration – tracks the total time you slept and awake
• Cycles – tracks the cycles of your sleep
• Efficiency – tracks the efficiency of your sleep
• Numerous tracking features are there which works even when in airplane mode
• Whether you had light sleep or deep sleep & the time spent awake in bed
This tracking is done for a certain period that can be customized. The result is analyzed and displayed.

Determining Sleep Quality
We can enter our daily habits & activities like caffeine consumption, exercise information and alcohol consumption. From these variables the effects of these on our sleep quality is determined.

Smart Alarm of Sleep Better App

Sleep Better has a Smart Alarm that can be used to wake up at the ideal time. A personalized Wake-Up Window can be setup in that. A variety of alarm sounds and snooze functionality are there to select for a perfect start of your day.

Sleep History of Sleep Better App

Your personal tracking log will display the sleep history. It will include daily statistics and overviews for periods that can be customized. Filtering this analytics can be used to determine when you are sleeping best. Hence you can maximize the use of this app.

Monitoring Dreams in Sleep Better App

I have already written that this app can monitor your dreams. Maintaining a dream diary in the app will do that for you. Learn what you dream about most and what percentage of your dreams are good, bad or neutral. Hence a thorough understanding can be done about dreams.

Some special Features of Sleep Better App

• Integration with Apple HealthKit
• Note your moods as part of your daily stats upon each wake up
• Monitor moon phases

Adjust features of Sleep Better


Runtastic Fitness Channel

Sleep related insights can be viewed in the Runtastic Fitness Channel on YouTube:

Watch the Youtube Video of Runtastic Sleep Better App :

Runtastic Sleep Better

Download the Android App from Google PlayStore

“Great nights lead to great days” – These were the words said by Runtastic about Sleep Better App. Download this free app from Google PlayStore: Sleep Better from Runtastic
All benefits of the app can be utilized with the Sleep Better in-app purchases only.

Sleep Better Android App

Sleep Better Android App
Sleep Better Android App | Source


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