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Squash That Noise With The Sleep by QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Updated on April 27, 2020

Attack Of The Noises

Getting a good night’s sleep has never been easy, and even less so in these days of greater stress and uncertainly. And that goes for surface noises that buffet you from all sides when all you want is a bit of quiet and peace of mind, no matter where you might happen to be.

There are a number of devices designed to handle surface noise, as well as those designed to aid in getting a good night’s sleep. But there aren’t many designed to work simply. That’s partly because there’s so many reasons for why a person is having trouble sleeping that it’s hard for a device to be an all-in-one solution. But there’s no denying that noise plays a factor — if there’s a lot of noise going on it’s going to be hard to go to sleep. So being able to minimize or even remove as much as possible surface noise (i.e. the loud environment) can be a huge boost at any time, and especially for sleeping. So here comes Sleep by QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs.

Noise Cancelation Is The Key

The Sleep by QuietOn have active noise cancellation, which is something found in earbuds and headphones as a way to minimize outside sounds. But instead of it being touted as a way of enhancing and improving music that is being played through them, these are earplugs and so have nothing to do with listening to music. Instead they focus in on the very low audio frequencies — those especially prevalent as found in traveling on an airplane or coming through walls (apartment dwellers know what we’re talking about here), along with the most dreaded of all sounds when in bed, that being a person snoring. So these earplugs could be the answer.

The Specifics

So let’s get to the specifics: the earplugs work independently and so each must have a battery. And since their purpose is to quiet noise, there’s no Bluetooth or app to be considered or to eat up battery life. Charge the two earplugs up together by putting them into the charging case and they’ll be providing up to 20 hours of power after about an hour (LEDs do the indicating). You use the USB cable to get them ready and then spend a few minutes trying out the 3 different sizes of included ear tips until you have those that will give the best fit. And “best fit” means something here because these are designed to really hug inside the ear. This not only presents a good fit as an aid to sealing out surface sounds, but it also allows for changing positions while sleeping because they won’t fall out should the wearer sleep on their side (a common failure of many earplugs and more of a problem when traveling than when at home).

Now for the glass is half empty crowd, the fact that the company suggests you watch their instructional video on YouTube might sound like it’s going to be complicated — yeah how can putting on a pair of earplugs be complicated — but the fact is these earplugs are not just an ordinary pair of earplugs. Because there’s a value to doing this because you don’t just push them into your ears and call it quits (hint: some rotation is applied).

Two Modes For Sounds

So they have been inserted in the ears, now what? The what is to enjoy what they can do -- here you get choices of two modes, courtesy of a mechanical switch pressed on the inside earplug. This consists of hearing and silent, with the first allowing the external world to impact on you while the second cuts you completely off.

Designed in Finland, these earplug are an example of the universal human condition when it comes to surface noise and sleeping — no matter the country there are just going to be people who need some real help in reducing the stress coming from the sounds buffeting them or in getting a good night’s sleep. To misquote Obi-Wan, these might be the earplugs you’re looking for. For more details go to


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