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SliceThePie: Is It Scam Or Legit?! I'm Sorry To Tell You This But...

Updated on February 8, 2015

Music Reviewer

SliceThePie is a site launched and created to meet the needs of new and aspiring musicians into getting feed backs about their work and songs by normal listeners - the public- the feed backs should include detailed opinions about what the reviewer thinks of the song.

The idea of this is simply fresh and exciting and I'm sure that a lot of people just loved it and joined, it's a win to win website so no body would be actually wasting no time, the artist gets advice on how he/she can improve his/her songs and the reviewers gets a specific amount of cents each time he/she reviews a full detailed review about a certain song and rate it.

What's Not Allowed

They would never allow reviewers to paste anything on the writing box so don't you think you can ever copy and paste anything.

They would warn you if you write too similar reviews and use the same words and adjectives over and over again.

They would control how you might rate songs according to your review. | Source

Is It Legit Or Scam?

Now this is the real question and that's why this whole article exists in the first place, I'm so sorry to tell you my friends that this site is a total scam!

First, my experience with this site was negative and I'll write a full detailed explanation about it right after stating what other people also reviewed this site.

A lot of people got their accounts closed right after clicking the buttons for getting cash-outs.

A lot of people raise a certain amount of money on the site and that would be after writing at least 15 to 30 reviews, they get a sudden newsletter in their hotmail/google mails stating any excuse just so the owner of the site would never have to pay the reviewers a penny.

Some of these excuses include:

- Most of your reviews are similar, your account got suspended. - and they would tell you this when you have at least written them about 30 reviews-

- We have made our site available to only specific countries and we are sorry to see you go as the country in which you're living in is not one of the countries that we do not support anymore.

-English grammar/vocab is not accepted by our staff and if you're not going to improve it then you're account will be closed - and they would send you this after you write at least 40 reviews- so tell me, if the staff didn't like the English grammar or vocabulary then why didn't they notify the reviewer about this issue right before getting reviews from him/her and wasting his/her time?

And many many other more negative feed backs, if you got to know this site by a chance reading about online jobs and things then please be careful and never join it! or join at your own risk because you will be sooner or later getting the same negative experience with the site.

My Personal Experience With this site

So I joined this site about 3 months ago, I've written a lot of long,different and organized reviews about at least 25 songs - that's what I remember- I used to get at least $0.05 per song review+rating and it was very rare for me to get above the $0.10.

Once the site recognized me as an active user, they started sending me many songs to my inbox to review them and I did review almost all of them then I suddenly stopped being too much active there because it's sometimes really tiring to think of new words and adjectives to write and make a good organized and detailed review about a specific song mentioning and talking about the beats, lyrics , the singer's voice and talent, how did you like the song, what about the harmonies, the melody, the sounds of the instruments and all of the other things that are related so I opened my account again within the next 4 days to find no songs at all in my inbox so I closed and opened in the next two days, I found one song to review at that day so I did write a review, then came another day where I was only sent one song to review so I realized that the staff stopped sending me too much songs because of my reduced activity in the site so that was fine because I wasn't actually too much satisfied and impressed with how much you can earn by reviewing a song, I mean you can really do that on other sites by reviewing products and things you've used and you would earn at least 2$ per each review, I stumbled into many legit sites before which offer reviewers such amounts of money so please stay away from this scum site.

Don't waste your time! | Source

It's A Scam!

One week passed until I checked my mail list to find an email from SliceThePie which apologized to see me go, I opened it while wondering " why are they saying we're sorry to see you leave, I did not deactivate my account or anything" so here's what they said in the email:

" We regret to inform you that due to a focus in commercialising Slicethepie and its products in certain territories, we can no longer allow access to the Slicethepie site from some areas. As you are situated in one of these areas, it will not be possible for you to gain access to the site at this time.

We appreciate that this may be frustrating, but rest assured we anticipate that in the future Slicethepie will be made available worldwide once again. We'd like to thank you for your understanding and support to date.

Your Slicethepie balance will remain in your account and will be available if and when we re-open the site globally in the future. We have your email address and will notify you should Slicethepie become available in your territory again.

Many Thanks,

The Slicethepie Team "

They will never notify me because they have just made this as an excuse to suspend my account so that the admin won't have to pay any pennies for most of the reviewers, and if the admin would ever pay the reviewers then it would be just to get some of them standing by his/her side so they would write positive reviews about the site and its service, please understand that the payment can be also selective so why would you want to waste your time on a suspicious site?

I'm not the only one who had a negative experience with this site, there are million of other victims who have had the same experiences, please search Google or any other search engines to find out more reviews about the site, I know that one review or topic won't get you convinced so decide by yourself, read other reviews and or check the site by yourself and you will come to the day in which you'll be realizing that this site is a total scam.

Please share your feed backs!

Do you think that SliceThePie is a big scam?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I will be honest, I have pushed the website repeatedly and usually results in a ban. I have even been banned for questioning staff on technicalities and stats. In the end I settled down and gave the site a go. I have not had any issues with being paid out. Dealing with musicians does raise licensing issues so unfortunately the site cannot operate in some countries. Worst of all, a newborn website with such a great idea like this one will have some unforeseen obstacles such as the licensing I just mentioned. That means there will be people already deeply engaged with the service when these unexpected issues arise. They are simply growing pains, not an intention to scam. Someone mentioned in a comment above that the pay is to little for the type of quality reviews that website wants. I can agree with that a little bit. But the point is that if I am not doing anything productive with my time, I could at least make some pocket change. There has been more than one occasion when I was broke and just wanted to enjoy a bottle of whiskey. I tell you, it was nice to realize that you have some cash that has just been sitting on your paypal card. As far as my opinion goes, this review states a person experience. I don't really see statistical references in the review. Even the comments section seems to be 50/50. So to adhere to the mentioned theme of the review, I will simply state that my experience has been positive.

    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 

      4 years ago from United Kingdom

      This was a good site up until 2010, when it was taken over by Baeuer Media. It's now a scam - as they state, they already have 10 million reviews. So, when an artist pays for a report, they just select the closest matching reviews from their database and use them on the report, whilst pretending to pay scouts for new reviews of the artist's songs. Not only are they scamming music fans, they are also scamming musicians, radio stations and record labels. It's a shame that even the best websites out there often end up resorting to crime.

    • Kara Skinner profile image

      Kara Skinner 

      4 years ago from Maine

      Perhaps, or the people did violate the terms and conditions, which are pretty straightforward and simple. And if they really did break the rules, then why should they get paid? And I highly doubt I'm one of their most active users when I go on maybe once a week. By the way, Slice the Pie notifies you as soon as you submit a review to tell you about grammar/similar word choice and you fix it before you get paid. So they do tell you before they try and close your account. It's simple, really! Just because it didn't work for you (and I'm not saying it's easy to work with) doesn't mean it's a scam. Simple, really!

    • RanaKm profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Kara Skinner, I know that a lot of users have been already paid by SliceThePie but at the same time, there are many other users who have got suspended and didn't get paid even in the US. This site just seems to pay whoever it wants so it can have people standing by its side, it's just so simple!

      I know a lot of US users who have got banned by the site, they didn't get their payments as well.

      To consider that a site is legit, it must be straight from the beginning and not claim to change its TOS all of a sudden when it has already got someone working on it.

      Knowing that this site has paid you doesn't mean that it's not a scam, it is a big professional scam, paying 50% of its most active users to get their positive feed backs and reviews! So simple!

    • Kara Skinner profile image

      Kara Skinner 

      4 years ago from Maine

      This site can be really frustrating and it's poorly managed. I personally think their standards are too high for a few pennies a review, and they don't tell you exactly why your rating goes down when it goes down. But I would NOT call this a scam! First of all, you can get money from SlicethePie when you reach the ten dollar limit, and I've already done so without my account closing down. Second of all, they really did shut down in most countries. I think the U.S. is the only one that still has it open. Many of the reviews says you should do it for the artists, not for the money, and I agree, because you will get frustrated for doing it for the money. But it is better than most other music review sites online. The only one better is MusicXray. But the rest don't even give you money, they give you points that might eventually accumulate to a gift card.

    • RanaKm profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      I'm so glad about your decision! I wish I've had the same too but I wanted to try it by myself because I didn't believe the negative reviews that I've read about it, since there were some good reviews about this site too so...I'm glad they suspended my account before I had to waste more time on it, from that I could also warn people about this scam site..

    • infoweekly profile image


      4 years ago from South Africa

      I was going to try this website, but after reading this hub and quiet a few others. I'm not going to even bother, it's such a pity that these scams are all over the web. Thanks for the warning.


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